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Wholeness of the Shadow in the light of the Full Moon

Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries. —Carl Jung

We suffer, we hurt others and ourselves until one day we see our shadow in the light of the moon, in the light of the divine feminine. With new lenses, new compassion, new courage from our own inner work and our nightly dreams - we turn and face our shadows. With a sense of humility and humor, understanding is gifted to us, and then through us to others. We are driven to grow a practice of being still, as we understand that stillness is where everything begins. We embrace being present at every moment, and every dark moment, because we know gold may be found there for ourselves, someone else, or for all.

With the psyche having found its true center, standing on a foundation of earth and inner connection - truly present, one day that inner voice begins to speak - that true Self begins to speak. This feels different from that voice of “God” you may have heard in a life-shattering desperate moment long ago, because it is that same divine but coming from within. You are not just in relationship to the divine, your body and the earth - you are in relationship with yourself - your inborn divine Soul Self. You are in relationship to the invisible glow of energy around you, and just like the shadow from the moon, it is not invisible anymore. We all had this sense of who we are, and were we come from for a short time in childhood. The principle of synchronicity acknowledges this inner world. When the moment is right for us to hear, to see – we hear, we see what has always been. It takes readiness from our inner work, to hear the deep meaning of our Soul beyond ego, a growing consciousness. Synchronistic energetic meaning lands when we are “present,” we are reminded, and we remember deeply who we are and that we part of something greater.

“Our ancestors knew that the silence is not silent, that the darkness is luminous. We must be alone if we are to find out what is that supports us when we can no longer support ourselves. Only this experience can give us an indestructible foundation”. This foundation supports you from within, links you to transcendence, re-frames the perspectives received from your history, and provides the agenda of growth, purpose, and meaning that we all are meant to carry into the world and to share with others.” - James Hollis, Second Half of Life.


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