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The Top Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity

Crystals have many different purposes and can meet you wherever you are in your life. No ask is too big or small for these powerful stones and you should never feel ashamed for wanting to use crystals for wealth and prosperity. Using stones and crystals for wealth will alter your vibrational energy and turn you into a money magnet.

Why Should You Use Crystals for Wealth?

When it comes to money, people are sceptical about crystals. But just like there are crystals that enhance creativity and crystals that improve friendships and relationships, there are crystals for money. Here’s the catch: crystals aren’t going to magically make money appear. But they will open up your mind to new opportunities and new ways that you can earn money. So, when using gemstones for wealth, it’s important to ask yourself a few different questions:

  • Will this crystal attract luck, therefore increase my chances of attracting prosperity and wealth?

  • Will this crystal help me see more clearly and allow me to make better financial decisions?

  • Does this crystal have other benefits that will help other areas of my life and in turn be beneficial for more than one of my needs?

Answering the above questions will help you select the most suitable crystal to meet you where you currently stand.

Best Crystals for Wealth & Prosperity

Here are 6 of my favourite crystals for wealth and prosperity so you can begin attractive more good fortune and abundance into your life. I like these stones because they not only attract wealth, they help improve other areas of your life as well. They also cover a wide range of needs {i.e some stones help you make sound financial advice while others specifically aid those who need help requiring wealth they've lost}

1. Pyrite: Wealth | Creativity | Memory

How to use this stone: Meditate with Pyrite and envision a life of wealth or place it where you work.

Chakra: Sacral | Solar Plexus

Stone Summary: When many people think of Pyrite, “Fool’s Gold” or “fake gold” comes to mind. And if you want to use crystals for wealth, the thought of using “knock-off” gold might seem a little counter-intuitive. However, Pyrite is an incredibly popular stone for attracting wealth, money, and prosperity. The masculine energy emitted from Pyrite will allow you to think more clearly and improve your memory. Pyrite will help attract wealth through ideas, and the ideas will certainly be flowing with Pyrite nearby. Manifestation comes easily with Pyrite. Simply place a chunk of Pyrite in view {either on your desk at work or around your home} and suddenly you’ll be able to view what life would be like if you want chunks of gold around you.

2. Amazonite: Luck | Money | Balance

How to use this stone: Keep this stone with you, especially during stressful times.

Chakra: Throat | Heart

Stone Summary: Amazonite is the perfect crystal for luck and in turn, money. When you feel down on your luck, Amazonite is the lucky stone to turn your fortunes around. Although we don’t recommend gambling as a way to acquire fortune, it is worth noting that Amazonite is known as the “gambler’s stone” and brings good luck to those who need it. But don’t think you need to gamble to reap Amazonite’s lucky benefits. Gambling doesn’t always symbolize a smoky and dark casino. Starting a business, asking for a raise/promotion or deciding to switch jobs are all tasks that one could classify as “gambles”. Amazonite will be there for you by allowing you to tap into your intuition to make smart decisions that will result in more money and wealth in the long run.

3. Tiger’s Eye: Intuition | Willpower | Sharpness

How to use this stone: Wear Tiger’s Eye as a ring or bracelet on your right side, so it’s kept close to your body and lower chakras throughout the day

Chakra: Sacral | Base | Solar Plexus

Stone Summary: The Tiger’s Eye is a powerful crystal for beginners and healers of all levels, and there’s a good reason I recommend this crystal to just about anyone. Tiger’s Eye is “all-seeing, all-knowing” and will give you the unique ability to see into the future to make good decisions about your wealth and money. For those who would like help planning their finances, Tiger’s Eye is the most suitable stone for this purpose. When using Tiger’s Eye crystals for wealth, you might want to place a small stone into your wallet beside your money to allow the Tiger’s Eye to attract even more possibilities for wealth and money to you. Tiger’s Eye will allow your mind to open, thus opening up your ability to see new opportunities for prosperity.

4. Sapphire: Wisdom | Prosperity

How to use this stone: Wear and keep it on your body for protection and prosperity

Chakra: Third Eye | Throat

Stone Summary: This famous stone goes back to biblical times and amasses fortune and wealth for those who incorporate it into their life. I’ve you’ve suffered from financial loss, this crystal is one you should get familiar with. Sapphire is particularly good at recuperating wealth that you’ve lost while allowing you to see things for how they are. If you need help investing, Sapphire will help you seek out the right information to make informed decisions.

5. Citrine: Wealth | Success | Manifestation

How to use this stone: Place the stone on your Root chakra and meditate

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Stone Summary: Citrine is a powerful crystal for wealth and success. With the healing powers of the sun, Citrine will revive and awaken any stagnant energy that is preventing you from moving forward. Nicknamed the Merchant’s Stone, Citrine is renowned for being the go-to crystal for entrepreneurs who want money, success, wealth and abundance in both their business and their lives. Money is associated with our Root chakra, which is why when we want to use crystals for money and wealth, it helps to meditate with them on our Root chakras.

6. Turquoise: Protection | Prosperity | Money

How to use this stone: Wear or keep this stone with you, preferably near your Throat chakra {in necklace form} when you need to make financial decisions

Chakra: Throat

Stone Summary: As powerful Throat Chakra Stones, Turquoises are excellent in helping you find the truth. When it comes to wealth, being truthful is a noble trait. Turquoise will help you acquire wealth thoughtfully and ethically. If your job is commission or sales-based, Turquoise will help you find the right words to close sales and increase the money you earn. If you have major financial decisions to make, keep Turquoise on you so that you can see clearly and make the right decision.

Tips for using Crystals for Wealth and Money

These additional tips will help you in attracting an abundance of wealth and money:

  • The Root Chakra is known as our money chakra, so it’s important to balance your chakras so they can all work together in harmony.

  • Try meditating with the above crystals on your Root chakra to channel their manifestation power for wealth, money and abundance.

  • Keep an open mind and be receptive to any messages your crystals might be trying to send you. You never know when an opportunity may be presented as a way to nudge you towards financial success.


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