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The Cripple Effect

What goes around comes around is not a new insight. It is something most of us intuitively know but easily forget, as we attempt to hold on to most things which come to us. What we don't realise is the ripple effect can easily become the "cripple effect". Everything we think, feel and do not only ripples out into the world, it also creates an impression on our own consciousness. If one day you decide to allow the imprint of Anger into your life which is directed towards another person or group of people, then you create a psychic memory of your irritation which carves a scar or groove onto your conscious body {non-physical of course}.

Within this scar or groove is a recording or image of the person as you have decided to perceive them, and the energy of your anger surrounds that image. Remember, you put it there, no one else and not the person you are angry at. Two days later you see the same person and that triggers the image and the anger which you have already recorded within your psyche. The emotional turbulence inside your consciousness makes it very hard for you to remain positive, connect and communicate effectively, positively and harmoniously with them. In effect you are crippled and clouded by your own emotions.

Most of us will experience this, however spiritual you might think you are, you are first and foremost human and you have your faults. You will experience this emotion several times a day and you will quite often refuse to see that you cripple yourselves, preferring to blame the other person. Which is why we can stay crippled for a long time and not even realise it.

The message here is for you to pay attention to your emotions and thoughts so you can adjust them accordingly in order to prevent yourself from being crippled by your emotions.


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