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Healing with Shells

Since the release of SeaShell Healing Reiki, I have received several emails from people who do not believe that shells could be used during healing sessions or if they actually had healing qualities. I actually thought the same thing before I started to work with these beautiful crystals of the sea. As soon as I opened my mind and embraced the shells, I started to experience the life-changing effects that shells can have within a healing session. I also found that my psychic awareness was dramatically increased and my sensitivity to the energies of the shells was life-changing. Shells have a metaphysical energy in the same way as crystals, herbs, flowers, metals, stones etc. They all hold a frequency of energy which when you learn what they mean and how to access the energies, can be used for a multitude of reasons. The only difference is that Shell Healing is still a new idea with not many shell healers around the world. Just as crystals, herbs and flowers have energy, shells have one too with many dating back to the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. It is actually believed that the Atlantians and Lemurians used shells in their healing sessions. Just as a shell is formed through spirals, so they work to untangle stagnant energies within our vibrational field to help expand our consciousness to new levels of awareness. Learning how to access these energies will help you to create new possibilities in your life, and bring healing to mind, body and spirit and you will surely be changed for life if you start to work with these Crystals of the Sea.

What is SeaShell Healing Reiki?

First and foremost, it is my belief that SeaShell Healing Reiki is the next step in Spiritual Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit. Seashell Healing Reiki has been a long time in the making but it is finally here and it is full of channelled information as well as my personal experiences of working with these beautiful crystals of the sea. Seashell Healing Reiki came about after working with SeaShells for many years of which I am forever grateful to the Shell Kingdom for the blessings that they have given to me. I have always been fascinated with SeaShells and have often wondered if they could be used in the same way as crystals to bring healing, alignment, balance and an ability to clear the chakras, aura and etheric bodies of disease, illness and energy imbalances. To my amazement, it was not only possible but the process of connecting with the Shells was life-changing.

Why do SeaShells call us?

Why do they ask us to hold them?

Why do they ask us to hold them close to our ears so we can hear the sound of the Sea?

Why do they ask us to take them home?

I am sure you have thought these same questions and have experienced this calling from the SeaShells and that is what led you here to Seashell Healing Reiki. Many of us will have looked at the beautiful patination on SeaShells, wondering what it would be like to live inside of their spiral rings, encoded to their harmonic resonance, captivated as if by a beautiful magical spell. On some level, we know deep within our souls that SeaShells are magical. They comfort us, they centre us, and they help us to feel a sense of calmness and peace which floods both the physical and spiritual body. There is an innate calling deep within our souls to re-connect with the energies of the Sea and her crystals, the SeaShells that spring from the depths of the ocean and can penetrate the depths of our soul, bringing forth the spiral dance of the oceans in the ever-expanding universe. SeaShells are amazing tools that can exponentially empower, enhance and deepen our healing and personal empowerment practices. SeaShells can also be used to attune those of you who are new to energy healing and working with SeaShells. In doing so, you will awaken your true divine self to the empowering energies that lay dormant within you.

Seashell Healing Reiki can help with the following and much more:

1} SeaShells can help to shift physical, behavioural, emotional, mental and spiritual energies.

2} SeaShells can help to activate new ways of being within the core of our being.

3} SeaShells act as enhancement tools to expand awareness and our abilities to achieve certain goals in life.

4} We can then choose a SeaShell to help us feel more love for ourselves and others.

5} We can choose a SeaShell to help us be more courageous.

6} We can choose a SeaShell to help us forgive ourselves and others.

7} We can choose a SeaShell to build confidence.

8} When we want to experience more energy within our lives, there is a shell that can help with this.

9} SeaShells can help to balance the spiritual trinity of mind, body and spirit.

10} For more complex situations you can choose a combination of different shells, all of which will work on specific situations, bringing an overall re-alignment of mind, body and soul.

If this post has captured your imagination and you would like to take the next step on your healing journey to work with the vibrations of shells whether that be through etheric encoding or physical healing please CLICK HERE to learn more and to take the step on your spiritual path to be attuned to SeaShell Healing Reiki



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