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Goddess Ritual To Fall In Love With Yourself {For Men & Women}

Are you in need of empowerment?

If you are, why not try this ritual to call upon the Great Devi to help you to see yourself through the eyes of love?

Devi is the Sanskrit word for the goddess. In the Hindu tradition, Devi is known by many names and faces. She manifests as many individual goddesses, each with unique powers and gifts, from slaying the ego to helping you find love. Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Durga, Gauri, and Kali are among her venerated forms. She is also known as the Great Devi and Ma, as well as the sacred and supreme mother of all that is. She is seen by many as a loving, divine parent who only wants the best for her children. She embraces us in her divinity and shows us that we also have her celestial spark within. Devi in her most expansive form is like a bright jewel with many facets, and she represents aspects of all goddesses and womanhood. A mother’s love is a powerful force in fostering self-esteem. Not all of us had this growing up. Devi is a wonderful spiritual ally in helping us connect to the power of motherly love, and to help us tap into our own divinity and true worth. This ritual is meant to help you open your heart to yourself.

Self-Love Ritual Equipment

  • A designated mirror for the ritual

  • One white candle and a lighter or matches

  • Music that makes you feel happy and loved

  • A space and time when you can be completely present and undistracted

  • Note cards with the prayers featured below

Preparing for Your Ritual

  • Reflect on how you see yourself at this very moment in time. Many of us due to the influence of our families, media, peers, and culture have gotten into the habit of looking into a mirror with critical, judgmental, and self-deflating eyes. We may develop a distorted view of ourselves that makes us believe we are not worthy of self-love and love from another person.

  • Consider a new view. There is a special mirror that comes from the state of Kerala in India which is known as Aranmula Kannadi. Made in metal by artisans who have been practicing this craft for centuries, it is said that it will never distort your reflection. It helps you always see your true self. You can buy one online or designate another mirror to use as your Devi self-love mirror.

  • Bless your mirror. Take a moment to bless your sacred mirror with the intention that it helps you connect with the goddess and see yourself through the eyes of love.

Conduct Your Ritual To Fall In Love With Yourself

  • Take a moment of silence Place your mirror and candle on a nearby surface and cue up your music. Then gently breathe and center yourself, feet firmly on the ground.

  • Call in the Goddess. Light your candle, which represents the Hindu sacred fire and the divine light of Devi. Offer a prayer: "Beloved Devi, loving Mother, please fill this place with your holy presence. Thank you for your support and protection".

  • Play Music That Inspires You. Open your heart is a beautiful piece by Ruth Cunningham and Ana Hernandez. Use this music or any song of your choice and relax into a meditative state. Surrender to the sound and let the song open your heart.

  • Feel the Presence of Devi. Close your eyes and imagine that Devi is there with you, gazing at you with loving and admiring glances. She sees your holiness and worthiness. She sees all the potential with which you were born. She knows your true beauty and brilliance. She vibrates the energy of love and grace so powerfully that you can feel it opening your heart. She sends you ray after ray of appreciation, encouraging you to also appreciate yourself. She loves you just as you are.

  • Honour your Heart: Put your hand on the center of your chest and imagine that the Devi is blessing your heart with all the love in the universe. With your other hand, take hold of your mirror and lift it to your face. As your heart continues to open, keep your hand on your chest and open your eyes, then look into the mirror. Whisper these words, “I am a child of Devi, and I am filled with divine love.” Say it over and over, until you feel the words settling into your heart and soul and know them as true. Imagine Devi is transferring her love to you through this mirror. Allow her magical energies to fill your being.

  • Ask for her Blessing. Read these words or something similar: “Divine Mother, please bless my heart so that I may fall in love with myself. Please bless my eyes so that I may see myself as you see me, through loving, divine eyes. Help me walk your holy path of healing so that I may bask in self-love and self-respect. Please help me to develop a sacred relationship with myself that helps me embrace all that I am. Please help my heart feel safe and protected. Thank you, Mother, for these gifts”.

  • Declare your Intentions for Loving Yourself. When you are ready, while still gazing into your mirror, declare your path of self-love: “I am holy. I am sacred. I am love. I bless my own beating heart and fill it with love every day. I claim all the power and strength that is mine. I open my arms to the magic that is my birthright. My heart is big enough to love others, but I am my own beloved first. And so it is”.

  • Thank the Goddess. When you are ready, put down the mirror and gaze at the sacred light of the candle. Express your thanks to Devi in your own way. Begin to ground yourself, and come back to the present moment by stretching and moving around.

Enact This Ritual as Needed

Whenever you feel doubt or distress and those old negative beliefs pop up, counter them with the language of self-appreciation and self-admiration. Give yourself a compliment. Pick up your mirror and connect to the energy of Devi through the power of your own spiritual eyes. Let this mirror be a portal to the loving energy of the Divine Mother and to the love you have for yourself.

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24 mag 2023

Astoundingly, beautiful just reading it...made me feel present and loved.

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