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Discover your Inner Hidden Power

Sometimes we can feel powerless. Powerless over life, powerless against other people, and even powerless over our own minds that can be causing great distress but we all have a hidden power, one that is always there, but often goes unrecognised because it has no form. The power is your attention!! Your attention has the power to completely alter your life experience. If I am paying attention to what I don’t like about myself, my life, or another person, all of my power becomes drawn into that. The power makes these negative things grow in my experience, and they feel as if they are my world. If I am paying attention to what I appreciate about myself, my life, or another person, then these more positive feelings begin to flood through my system, radiate out, and become the foundation of my life experience. We can all have the habit of letting our attention become dragged into anything that we can deem undesirable. Our primal minds are designed for survival – to look for problems and focus on them until they are fixed. This can work if there is an intruder in my cave, or a predator waiting for me to walk out into the night, but in our modern-day lives, with our modern-day minds, it’s not so practical.

Super Brains

Since we have much more sophisticated imaginations than our evolutionary ancestors, now instead of dealing with undesirable things in the moment as they occur, we tend to imagine them and then try to deal with them in our heads beforehand. It isn’t real. We focus on the problem, the problem, the imaginary problem, but it never seems to get resolved. The mental loop just restarts itself. We are often raised with the idea that you have to focus on bad things to help stop them from happening. This belief or assumption can be there in our subconscious minds. Why else would we ever be negative, worried or deeply concerned? Because we think it will help. We are trying to help the universe to fix things, by paying attention to what we don’t want to happen. If we really want to help out the universe, projecting negativity into it won’t help much. If we want to be in harmony with the intelligence of the whole, it can help to no longer push back on what we don’t want to happen or what you don’t like about our life. When you aren’t pushing back, you aren’t resisting, and when you aren’t resisting, you are in a much lighter space. From there your attention starts to become free again. It becomes something you can direct. If there is a much more pleasant potential scenario you wish to place your attention on (rather than imagining the worst), then you can, even if it’s only in your mind. And once you start to place your attention on any positive creative desires within you, as if they are already here, then you start to become a beacon for that same energy to return itself to you. This doesn’t mean that you can never deal with life or things in the moment as they arise. It actually means you are free to deal with things more smoothly, without the same constricting negativity that might have previously strangled your intelligence. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete — Buckminster Fuller

Imagine a cell in a body that became very negative, cut off from the rest of the body, focussing on all the things it didn’t like about the body. This cell might start to cause problems, for itself and for the whole system. It’s hard for a cell like that to find solutions to things. Now imagine a cell in harmony with the whole, not needing to negatively focus on things it doesn’t want to happen. This cell would probably have a much better life, and could deal with things much more easily if needed. Which cell would you rather be? Free up your power. Give yourself a rest from being negative so that positive things can happen. Use your attention wisely, and keep it out of the muck. Let it be a creative force for good, rather than an empowering force for what you don’t want.



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