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Affirmations for Mercury Retrograde

Are you experiencing feelings you didn’t know you had? Maybe you are having communication issues or old relationship patterns have surfaced again? Maybe a past partner has popped back into your life? Perhaps you’re having to repeat yourself a lot, going over details multiple times and still missing things, forgetting appointments, or feeling delayed?You are not going crazy. Welcome to Mercury retrograde: the three {sometimes four} times a year when the planet Mercury turns retrograde, affecting the energetic field on Earth andsubsequentenergies of the soul self.

So what does this woo woo stuff mean for you and your relationships? Everything!

Communication Breakdowns

Three times a year, the planet Mercury appears to travel backward across the sky. To those who practice astrology, these times have traditionally been associated with confusion, delay, and frustration.But this time period can give us an opportunity to pause and reflect, where we are asked to look at everything in our life, especially relationships that aren’t working as well as they could. This includesharbouringharsh feelings for old flames or even revisiting feelings you pushed down inside.Mercury retrograde is the king of communication breakdown but also cleanup. It is a time for deep reflection, a time to repair, revisit and realign with your true intentions and innermost desires. Don’t be surprised if you feel things you haven’t felt in ages.

Cosmic Cleanups

This is not the time to take action or move ahead. Instead, it is a cosmic cleaning. Think of it as a relationship detox and a perfect time for going inward and pausing in reflection. The more you try to push or take action, the more chaos will pursue. This period will end soon, as Mercury retrograde usually lasts only two to three weeks. Until then, you can navigate this uncomfortable time with these simple affirmations:

Affirmations to Make During Mercury Retrograde

  1. I turn my reaction into compassion.

  2. Instead of focusing on the anger, I focus on healing the pain.

  3. The more I know myself, the more I can be myself.

  4. It’s okay to change my mind.

  5. I am only trapped by my illusion. I perceive all things with love.

  6. My inner child wants to play.

  7. I listen to the guidance coming my way.

  8. My dreams only succeed when I take a chance on them.

  9. Thinking I don’t have a choice is a choice.

  10. I take time to rest.

  11. My emotional pain shows me what needs to be healed.

  12. I retreat inward for inspiration.

  13. My life is in perfect balance when I listen to my heart.

  14. I let go so I can let myself grow.

  15. I break free from all that is holding me back.

  16. I pray for the highest good of all involved.

  17. It is refreshing to give life to old projects.

  18. Communication can save any situation.

  19. The grass is greenest where I stand.

  20. My life gets better by change not chance.



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