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A Prayer for Collective Oneness

This prayerful intention has been created to help you activate your sacred connection to All That Is. You are encouraged to use it to harness your remembering and to slip into a state of oneness.

Breathe deeply into your heart. Feel it open, soften and notice how strong it is. Connect to your heart. This is the spiritual seat of your soul. Stay in the vibration of the love that emenates from here. This is a portal of sacred love and light that you can enter at anytime. At this threshold you are connected to Oneness. In that expansive, vast plane of energy lies the heart of all things. As you breathe in and out, place all of your attention in your heart. Can you feel why it is associated with the element of air? It is spacious. It is vast. This is your open door. We offer a prayer for you to speak here…with all the love xx

Dear Great Spirit,

May we awaken now. May you shine your light even brighter here on our dear planet. May we accept the healing rays of this light into our deepest places. May your light illuminate the truth of Oneness and spark the path of peace for this world and all her people. May your light radiate brightly from within us and may we see it all around us. As we shed layers of fear, we shine brighter. May we shine brighter now. May we take this time to heal in every which way. In our bodies. Our families, in our relationship with Self, and with our world.

May humanity awaken now to the light within and the light all around. May we feel connected, equal, and more concerned for the whole than for ourselves. May we radiate love for the collective and surrender the fear of our small selves. May our leaders operate from a space of compassion and with integrity, and may they hold the intention for the greater good.

May we see the divine essence in each other. May we release the intoxication we have with our egoic separateness and (energetically) embrace each other with open arms. May we see each other as teachers and appreciate the different fragrances of life that we offer here. May we all experience a love that only the awakened soul knows how to express.

May I be a source of light and love and healing here. May I articulate the love of my soul clearly with what I write, what I speak and the energy that I share. May I embody this knowing, this limitless compassion and joy. May I experience an overflowing abundance of love all around me. May I unleash my creative potency and honour my courageous voice. May I boldly release my soul’s gifts for the betterment of the whole.

May I witness myself as the ocean rather than the wave. May I savour being a temporary but mighty ripple upon this endless sea of spiritual energy. May I feel happy to express all that I am here – unafraid, and with the pure vision of a greater truth in my heart. May I be a guide to assist others in finding themselves, to allow others to feel the love I know is there. May I lead by demonstrating. May I be fully present in the here and now. May I be true to my heart and may I remember there is only love, always.May we remember, may we remember, may we remember. May I know that I am a Light Bringer. I am here to illuminate all part of myself - that is all parts of the whole, for I see everything as me. I am not here just to be a flame to what is already lit, but to bring light to every shadow simply with my knowing of truth. I do this peacefully. Lovingly. I bear the torch in the deepest caves and walk the path of the bright truth, not so others may follow me, but that they may see this light in themselves reflecting from my bright soul. So their paths may be lit by their inner flame. I know that darkness is only fear, shadows just confusion, asking to be loved and made whole.

The light I bring is the light of Source energy - it is the All of what we all are. This light can never be taken from me, it never goes out and never fades. My work is to remember. In seeking truth and being true to my being, I come home. In waking up I find myself and I see the whole world as fresh, new, precious, and full of love. In this my light shines brighter.

And so it is!



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