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8 Magical Universal Truths That Will Change Your Life

Did you know that there are some truly magical laws that govern the universe? These universal truths can transform our lives in ways beyond belief and yet most of us are unaware that they even exist.

Tapping into these resources and aligning our thoughts and actions to their energy can make a huge difference to our quality of life and the manifestation of our dreams and desires. These universal truths apply to everyone. No matter who you are, where you are from, or what you have done in the past, you can benefit from stepping into universal flow and applying these energetic laws to your life.

What are Universal Truths?

Universal truths are energetic laws that govern life and the way the universe works. Everything is energy and universal truths refer to the way that energy behaves and interacts.

They are universal because they apply to everyone and everything in the universe. They are truths because they cannot be changed or warped or amended, they are and will always be the same no matter what, when, or who they apply to. Just like gravity will always work in its own way and it cannot be manipulated to suit individual desires, the same applies to these universal truths. Here are eight universal truths that you can explore and tap in to right now to create some magical results in your life.

1: Everything is Energy

I’ve already mentioned this, but it is so crucial to understand that it takes the number one spot because it is the most important of all the universal truths, and the one from which all the others stem. Everything is energy. You, your home, your thoughts, emotions, flowers, clouds, animals, music, light, water, electricity, clothes, food, everything. Each of these things is vibrating on its own frequency. When we want to manifest something, we need to match our energetic vibration to that thing. We do that by adjusting our thinking, which changes our emotions, and behaviour. Like attracts like and this is how we create our world with our thoughts. Our outer reality is simply a reflection of our inner world.

Everything is energy. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

– Albert Einstein

2: You Don’t Need to Know How

The next of the universal truths is something you need to release. Raising your energetic vibration so that you attract high vibration things, people, situations, etc is one thing that you can do. But then you need to let go. Focus on keeping your vibration high and forget the ‘how.’ Don’t plan every minute detail of how to get what you want. Allow the universe to work its magic, trust your intuition and that you will be guided to do the right things and take inspired action when the timing is right. Trust that everything is unfolding as it should, and you are exactly where you need to be. That doesn’t mean be entirely passive and expect everything to fall in your lap, not at all. It simply means let go of the need to control every step and trust your inner guidance to inspire your actions. This is divine co-creation and being in universal flow.

3: You Have a Purpose

You may not know what that reason is, but it is there. In my darkest hours, when I felt completely worthless and hopeless, this, of all the universal truths, helped me to keep going. The thought that I am here to do something, or help someone, made me want to carry on. If you ever feel like quitting, remember that nobody else has your unique mix of skills, experiences, and viewpoints. There is nobody quite like you and because of that, nobody else can do the thing you are here to do. It is your job alone. Your purpose. Like Frodo and his great mission in ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ No other being in the whole of Middle Earth could complete that quest, only Frodo was capable of destroying the ‘One Ring’ and saving the world. Now, your purpose is probably not that dramatic, but, even though you may not be here to save the world, you may be here to save a world, someone’s world.

You don’t even need to know what your purpose is; you just need to tune into your inner self and the guidance that the universe sends you. Frodo claimed his purpose without knowing how he would achieve it. He was guided every step of the way to achieving his purpose, even though his path took some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Your purpose isn’t necessarily anything to do with your career choice. It is simply to be authentically you and by doing that, you inadvertently share your gifts and talents with others. You never know how much you can help someone else by being yourself.

4: Your Dreams are There for a Reason

You have your specific likes and dreams for a reason, and like these universal truths, they are there to guide you. Connect with the things that bring you joy because that’s the path of your purpose. That is how the universe guides you. We all like different things, we all have different dreams. Don’t feel like you have to fit into the stereotypical desires that society wants us to have, that we are conditioned to want, i.e., a million-dollar mansion, a top executive career, a home in the Bahamas, living the American dream etc. Maybe you dream of living a self-sufficient life in the countryside, growing your own food and living off the land. Perhaps your dream is to quit your career and teach English to Nepalese school children. Or to start a blog that helps people give up plastic and become more eco-friendly. Whatever it is, allow the universe to guide you there, because the very fact that you had that dream in the first place means that’s what you’re meant to do. If you can dream it, you can achieve it.

5: You are Worthy

The fact that you dreamed your dream and you are here in this world at this time means that you are worthy of fulfilling your dreams and living the life you desire. Your magnificent life entered your sphere of consciousness because you are worthy and capable of achieving it. The only thing that holds you back from attaining it and living your magical dream life is you. The reason we hold ourselves back is because something deep down inside tells us that we are not worthy of such a big life. That we cannot possibly hope to achieve what others have achieved before us because they had something that we don’t. The only things they had that we don’t have is self-belief and a burning desire to achieve their dreams no matter what. There’s a saying that goes: ‘The only difference between those who succeed and those who fail is the number failures.’ Don’t let failures define your worth, they are part of the journey to success. They help you to become the person you need to be in order to live your big life. Nothing and nobody define your value except yourself. You are worthy, valuable, and whole, right now.

6: Your Time is Now

The best time to get started was yesterday. The second-best time is Now. Feeling that you need to wait for something to happen before you move toward your dreams is usually your ego holding you back out of fear of failure. If you feel as if you need to wait until you are more experienced or have finished studying or the kids have moved out etc, you will likely always find an excuse to put your dreams off until tomorrow. Remember that tomorrow never arrives, the only time we have is right now. Don’t let your ego’s fear of failure hold you back from living your dreams.

7: You Already Have the Answers You Seek

This is one of the most fundamental universal truths. Your higher self already knows the answers you are seeking because it is connected to universal consciousness. You don’t need to stop and wait for answers to be presented to you from outside sources before moving forward, all you need to do is tap into your higher self. I have created a guided meditation to help you do that, you can listen to it for free on Insight Timer. A shortened version is this: Close your eyes and focus on your breath.When you feel calm and grounded, visualise yourself in your favourite spot in nature. It may be a beach or a meadow or a forest. Take in your surroundings, making it as real and bright as possible. Up ahead in the distance you see a figure. The figure slowly moves toward you and you feel as if you recognise them. Moving closer still, you see that the person in front of you looks exactly like you. The ‘other you’ speaks, and says “I am your higher self, you can ask me the questions you need answered.” You go ahead and ask your questions. Listen carefully for the answers. They may come as words, images, feelings, or sounds. Thank your higher self and gently bring yourself out of the meditation. It’s okay if you don’t receive answers straight away during the meditation. Be open to any signs you notice over the next few days because that is when you will get your answers. In particular, watch for repetitions, coincidences, or any snatches of text or dialogue that stand out to you.

8: You are Universal Energy and Cosmic Consciousness

You are governed by these universal truths because you are universal energy and cosmic consciousness. You are made of the same energy particles as the cosmos. In Hinduism, Goddess Shakti is the creator of the universe, she is the personification of universal energy. Shiva, her consort, is the personification of universal consciousness; he brought consciousness to the energy that Shakti manifested, and thus life was created. The two deities danced together to celebrate their creation, and thus the vibration of the universe was born. This vibration is within you, and because the universe is ever expanding, so are you. Your energy exists as part of universal energy, expanding, and manifesting as different things at different times. At this moment, it is manifested as what you think of as ‘you,’ living this human life. When this life is finished, it will manifest as something else because it is eternal and it can never ‘not be,’ it simply takes a different form.


Taking these universal truths into account, you can easily see how you can use your energetic power to create the manifestation of your desired reality. You can see how the life you live is but a reflection of your chosen vibration, and that you are the author of your present story. You are here to experience and achieve something, you have a purpose, no matter how deeply hidden. You can either fight against universal truths and go against the flow of universal vibration, which will create disharmony within you. Or you can harmonise with the universal truths and flow with the frequency of the universe. If you do that, you will experience life as a magical manifestation of your dreams and desires. We are here to help you align with the frequency of your dreams and fulfil your spiritual potential. If you have any questions or need any help, please post your comments below, or join us in our Sacred Circle forum where you can connect with fellow Goddesses and our team of teachers and experts.


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