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Free Self Attuning Attunements

Introducing a new set of FREE Self Attuning Attunements. There is no need to book an attunement with me when receiving these energies. All you need to do is download your manual/manuals then call them in as directed by the information from the founders. If no acceptance speech is within the manual, you can use the intention method where you simply ask for the energies to be received by your higher self so it will flow within your etheric background. 

To download your manual/manuals please click on the name of the attunement then save the file to your computer. 


There are times when students will send me money out of the blue with a note that they were guided to send a donation. When I receive the donation, I am always at a loss for why someone has done this. I then discovered that people sometimes feel guided to send a small donation to the academy so when this happens, it will always take my breath away by the kindness and generosity of people.


To say thank you to those who send donations, I will always perform a week-long session of Reiki healing and 7 days of healing and prayers. 

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