Tarot Readings by Jay 

Tarot is an amazing medium for divination, working as it does by linking the conscious and the unconscious mind. Tarot uses the images of the cards, often considered as archetypes. These are mental themes inherited from our earliest ancestors, which reside in our deepest consciousness.

I am an intuitive reader who works with you to access the "universal collective unconscious". This will help me to interpret the hidden meanings of the cards which are pulled for you during your reading which in turn will bring enlightenment to your life and the challenges or opportunities that are being represented to you by them. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana (Greater Secrets) will signify issues and people in your life that have been hugely influential or have had a significant impact, while the 56 cards of The Minor Arcana (Lesser Secrets) will relate via each suit to specific aspects of your life and the more day to day issues surrounding you.

Your life is not totally predetermined and your destiny or fate is not fixed, since we all have the freedom of will to change what we do not like. What happens next in your life is highly dependent on the choices you make now. In a reading with me I will focus on the options that are being shown to you through the cards. I will also help you to understand each of the cards that are pulled in your reading by explaining to you how they relate to your life and the people around you. 

You will be offered insight, but you may feel emotional and you may be presented with challenges which may require bravery on your part. It is your future and you can take control of it with the guidance that you are given from the Tarot. Hopefully, you will feel much more purposeful and in control of your life following your reading. 

The one thing that I tell all clients who come to me for a reading is that the cards which are pulled during your reading will occasionally not make any sense to begin with but in time, when the reading is read a few times, the awareness of the messages will become clearer to you. Your reading is also given with divine love so even if a message appears to be strict and to the point, this is given in the hope that it will help you to make the changes that are needed in order for you to move forward on your life's path. 

1 Card Quick Reading

The 1 Card Tarot Reading gives you a quick answer to life problems or anything that you have weighing on your heart.


3 Card Reading

The 3 Card Tarot Reading offers you an insight into situations or circumstances from your past, present and future


12 Month Reading 

The 12 Month Tarot Reading offers you a 3 card reading every month giving you new insights and answers for the whole year.