Spirit Release Distant Healing

As part of my spiritual work I am quite often called upon to help those who feel that they are a victim of a spiritual/psychic attack. This attack can either be a result of another person intentionally casting a spell on them or using any other form of magical working against them. A psychic attack can also be a result of an astral attack where the individual is subjected to negative spiritual energy that has either been picked up from their surroundings or it has come directly from the lower vibrations of the astral realms. There are also occasions when an astral attack can be the result of dark magic where practitioners have the ability to enter the lower realms where they ask for lower entities or demons to do their bidding (Necromacy). These attacks will ultimately cause a magnitude of symptoms and/or situations to occur within someone's life that are not of a positive nature and need to be cleared straight away before they result in actual mental and/or physical harm. 


Through my spiritual work and with the assistance of my Star Guide Rakesh, I have created a new form of healing that quickly deals with these situations. It is through this new form of healing that I would like to offer all Lightworkers and Spiritual Teachers the chance to receive distant healing to help you if you feel that you are a victim of such attacks. Through this method of healing I regularly use the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary before and after all spirit release healing's as I have found that this enables me to give the strongest chance of releasing the negative energies once and for all! 

A Spirit Release Healing can help with many things but I specifically focus on the following:


Psychic Attack & Spiritual Attachment's.

Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts & Lost Souls.

Curses, Cords, Vows and Spiritual Contracts.

Past Life Attachments & Ancestral Patterns.

Satanic Influence, Black Magic, Demonic Forces & Collective Unconsciousness.

Spiritual Implants.


During the distant healing sessions I move myself into a 5th Dimensional Field of Consciousness where I am given the ability to scan not only your physical body but also your Chakra's, Auric Field, Meridians and Environment. In doing this I am able to detect even the smallest energetic fluctuation. One of the things that dark energy or entities will try to do is to hide from someone who is trying to remove them from another persons energy body or environment. It is within the 5th Dimensional Field of Consciousness that nothing can be hidden from view. I also work with the Language of Light which contains many geometric structures and crystalline symbols, all of which give me the energetic tools to perform the Spirit Release Healing on you. 

You will receive a total of 4 distant healing sessions which will be sent over a period of 4 weeks with 1 distant healing being sent every 7 days. This delay in sending each healing is to allow your spiritual body enough time to fully integrate the healing energies that are sent. During and after your healing you might experience what I call a "Healing Crisis". Please do not be alarmed by this, it isn't as bad as it sounds. A Healing Crisis is an experience that many of us have been through and it will indicate that a shift of negative energies is occurring or that a spiritual battle between myself and the entity is taking place. Symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, muscle weakness/twitching or an upset tummy are all very common with this form of healing. Again please do not be alarmed if you experience these symptoms. If however you begin to experience sudden scratches, bite marks or physical attacks after your healings, please inform me straight away so I can give additional support. 


Each healing session will be catered to your specific needs so before any healing is sent you will receive an email from me asking you for a full history of what you have experienced to bring you to this form of distant healing. Please make sure that you give me as much information as you can within this email because the more I know, the better I will be able to help you. After your healing sessions have been sent you will  receive a full written email report detailing any insights, messages or visions that I receive while sending your healing to you. 

Important Notice - While I strongly believe in Psychic Attacks, I also understand that some clients are victims of Emotional Disorders which can mimic a Psychic Attack or can lead the individual to believe that they are a victim of entity possession. It is my job as your Spirit Release Healer to detect whether I believe that I can help you or if what you are telling me needs a more clinical form of therapy (Psychotherapy, Medication, Doctor Reviews). As your healer it is my duty to inform you if I feel this is the reason for your feeling that you are under attack and no personal judgement will ever be directed towards you if I feel that you need to seek professional help. You will receive a full refund if I feel that I can't help you and all email support will be ended upon delivery of your refund. 

Spirit Release Healing Sessions x 4