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Christmas Offers

Would you like to win 12 months of distant attunements? If you would, please check out the Prize Draw information below. I am also offering 2 special offers in the run up to Christmas. Please see below for more information 

Black Friday Special - Use Code: Black-Friday-60

Receive a 60% discount on any purchase until the 30th November. Simple enter the code: Black-Friday-60 at checkout for the discount to be applied to your order. 


Terms & Conditions


1} Packages are available to purchase using the Black Friday Discount Special 


2} Any purchase of £10 or more will give you the chance to use our annual Black Friday discount code. 

3} All other offers have been suspended while the Black Friday special is LIVE!

4} Attunements will be sent using the call in method ONLY and will be set up within 24 hours of your purchase. If you purchase multiple attunements, these will be set up at the same time so you can call them in at your convenience. 

5} If the Black Friday discount code is used to purchase an excluded item, you will be required to pay the extra money to cover the cost of the excluded item. 

The following items are excluded from the Black Friday Offer and must be Purchased Separately from any other item. 


* eGift Cards

* Existing Sale Items

* Pick-n-Mix Packages

* New Additions Category

* Attunements by Amanda Hadley

Christmas Prize Draw  

To enter the Christmas Prize Draw, you must purchase a minimum of £10 worth of attunements {after discount deductions} between the 17th October - 20th December. This will enter your name and email address into the Prize Draw. This year I am offering 3 prizes which can be found below. 


1st Place - 12 months of distant attunements {1 attunement every 2 weeks for 12 months - Starting in January 2022}

2nd Place - Your choice of attunements up to the value of £75.00 {Maximum of 5 attunements}

3rd Place - Your choice of attunements up to the value of £50.00 {Maximum of 3 attunements}

Prize Draw Terms and Conditions 

1} You must purchase a minimum of £10 worth of attunements {after discount have been applied} to be entered into the Christmas Prize Draw. 

2} Winners will be notified by email as well as having their names appear on this page by Christmas Eve {24th December}. 

3} If your choice of winning attunements are priced over the prize amount, you will be required to pay the additional costs to cover the extra payment for your prize choices. 

4} Entry into the Christmas Prize Draw is only valid with attunement purchases. 

5} The Academy holds the right to make adjustments to the Christmas Prize Draw without written consent being given first.

6} Attunements by Amanda Hadley are excluded as prize choices.