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Do you know someone who is awakening to the world of spiritual healing and divine ascension or are they simply interested in learning how to work with Reiki to heal themselves? If you do, then why not refer them to the Academy of LivingReiki Therapies were you and your friend will receive a one off 35% discount on your next purchase. 


To take advantage of this offer, all you need to do is to ask your friend to create an account with the Academy. When they purchase their first attunement at full price, ask your friend to email me at with the wording "Refer a Friend" within the subject bar of their email. They must also include your name {the name of the person who referred them}. When all of this information has been received, I will email you both with your new discount code. 


Refer a Friend Terms and Conditions


1} You must be a member of the Academy to take part in this offer. If you are not yet a member, please create an account and purchase 1 attunement to be eligible for the Refer a Friend offer {I have files for all students so I will be able to check that you are both members before discount codes are given}


2} Your discount code can only be used once so please make sure you buy everything you need at one time to take advantage of this special 35% discount. 


3} Discount codes must be used within 30 day of them being issued. 


4} You can refer new friends to the Academy as many times as you are guided, giving you the chance to receive additional 25% discount codes. 


5} Discount codes cannot be combined to receive a larger discount off an attunement.


6} All attunements that I have available through the Academy are available to purchase with your 35% discount code. There are no exclusions. 


7} You will both receive your personalised discount code within 24 hours of your friend making their first purchase. 

8} Please remember to make sure your friend adds "Refer a Friend" within the subject bar of their email as well as your name and email address. Failure to include these will result in no discount code being given.

For information about the Academy Terms and Conditions on email correspondence and attunements, please click on the link below