Image by Mitya Ivanov

QR Code Payments

There are occasions when I will offer attunements, tarot readings, healing sessions and spirit release clearings that are separate from the services I have on my website  This page is to be used when sending payments for these services. 

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How to use the Paypal QR Code


To send payment using the QR Code, open your PayPal app on your mobile phone. Select 'Scan/Pay' and hold your phone up to the QR code to the left of this page. This will open a page where you can add the amount due. Enter the amount and click send. Once your payment confirmation appears, please send a copy to me at with a note telling me what the payment was for. Just scan, pay, and go. It is easy as 1,2,3.

If for any reading the QR code doesn't work, please send payment directly to me via PayPal using my email address:

All money must be sent in GBP {Great British Pound}