Zana Fairy Empowerment - Happiness, Joy, Luck & Home Blessings

  • The Zana Fairy Empowerment was channeled in 2013 by Daelyn Wolf 


    The Zana Fairy Empowerment has been channeled to bring an energetic connection to the Romanian Fairies of Empowerment and Joy. The Zana Fairies bring Blessings of Increased Talent, Good Luck, Home Blessings and much more. Working with them will help you to open the doors in which you can walk through to achieve your goals as well as having your wishes granted. Their energies are quite unique and if you work with them with a heart felt intention you will begin to experience Happiness and Joy in all areas of your life. This attunement will teach you how to contact the Zana Fairies, How to work with them and How to allow the Joy and Blessings they bring to enter into your life!

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