White Waterfall - Align Mind, Body & Spirit for Healing and Spiritual Alignment

  • White Waterfall was channeled in 2011 by Jalu Wasonoadi 


    White Waterfall Healing has been channeled from the pure sacred source of Cosmic Energy which flows into the Earth and your Auric Field as a Waterfall of Glowing White Water. This energy washes away all forms of Darkness so that it can be transmuted. The Energy works to clear away all forms of Negativity as the flow of energy cascades down through the Crown Chakra, filling and surrounding every part of your Mind, Body and Soul. White Waterfall also works to provide a balanced state to reconnect your Chakra System. Glands and Organs while anchoring you to the presence of the Divine Mind. The energies also work on a Mental and Emotional Level by Calming your Mind, Refreshing your Energies and shifting your Consciousness to promote Healing and Spiritual Development. 

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