Vortex Light Shakti 1-3 - Mental, Emotional, Physical Healing

Vortex Light Shakti 1-3 - Mental, Emotional, Physical Healing

  • Vortex Light Shakti was channeled by Hari Winarso. 


    Vortex Light Shakti is an energy system that one can use to enhance your senses and feelings of Security while also helping you to establish your personal and spiritual boundaries. It promotes a more relaxed attitude towards life, balancing mood swings and helps to make you more aware of your own emotions by promoting inner peace. This energy is an excellent tool to be used by those of you who regularly meditate due to it enabling you to both access and retriece wisdom and information about past lives. The Vortez Light Shakti is full of compressed Shakti based energies which are channeled intensely so they can energise your spiritual system and in doing so work to break down and transform emotional and karminc conditioning. As a healing energy, Vortex Light Shakti is effective to heal physical, mental and emotional diseases while also helping with spiritual problems. 


    Dimensionally, Vortex Light Shakti is a Inter-Dimensional Energy system that has the ability to transofrm the quality of the glands, chakras and various energies, especially the Kundalini Channel. Vortex Light Shakti will gently raise your Kundalini in a sage way to promote a clear pathway through which the Kundalini may travel. Vortex Light Shakti i activated by simple intention and creative affirmations. 


    Vortex Light Shakti Consists of 3 Degree's or Levels which are recevied over a period of time. 


    Level 1

    Vortex Light.

    7 Chakras Empowerment.

    Palm Chakras Empowerment.

    Earth Nature Empowerment.

    Sun Moon Vortex Lights.

    Diamond Vortex Light Shield Activation.


    Level 2 

    Vortex Light Shakti.

    Vortex Light Shakti Meridian Healing

    Trisula Light Shakti.

    Heart Chakra Empowerment.

    Vortex Light Shakti Shield I Activation.

    Kundalini Shakti II


    Level 3 

    Vortex Light Shakti

    7 Subtle Bodies Cleansing Empowerment

    Vortex Light Shakti Shield II

    Activation Kundalini Shakti II

    Fourth Dimensional Chakras Attunement

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