Trauma Release Healing Empowerment - Cognitive, Psychological & Physical Healing

  • The Trauma Release Healing Empowerment was channeled in 2020 by Jay Burrell 


    The Trauma Release Healing Empowerment has been channeled to help you clear any energy that is associated with any form of trauma that you have experienced in this lifetime or via a previous lifetimes. By clearing the trauma you will be better able to move forward on your spiritual and life’s path. This empowerment has also been designed to help clear energies that are associated with traumatic experiences by cleansing the strengthening your etheric body while boosting your personal power to remove all forms of fear within your life. The Trauma Release Healing Empowerment sees trauma as any experience that creates feelings of shock and fear. This may be experienced physically, emotionally, spiritually and also felt within the body’s energy systems. If you are a hyper sensitive or an empath, you can also experience trauma by observing a traumatic event such as war, violence, upsetting reports in the news or even horror movies. The Trauma Release Healing Empowerment aims to clear away the energy which is associated with trauma and then slowly work to heal and restore the affected areas within your life so that you can achieve a state of well-being and wholeness.


    An interesting fact about this attunement is that the energies will work across dimensions which means that all aspects of your life will be worked on (Past, Present and Future) and on all dimensional timelines. Trauma can be subtle for some so you don’t need a specific traumatic occurrence to work on. The energies will still work in line with the highest outcome. The Trauma Release Healing Empowerment is also open ended which means that as you work with the energies and progress on your spiritual path, the frequencies will change in order to support your needs at that time. The benefit of this is that you will always receive the purest energies that you need at that specific time. You will also find that you won’t be restricted by what the attunement is programmed to do.


    You will learn about the following and much more: 


    * Understanding Emotional & Psychological Trauma. 


    * Traumatic Events. 


    * Signs and Symptoms of Emotional & Psychological Trauma. 


    * Effects of Untreated Psychological Trauma.


    * What You Can Use The Energies For!.


    * The Trauma Release Healing Empowerment Energy Functions.


    * How to Work with the Trauma Release Healing Empowerment.

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