Tibetan Black Quartz Healing - Embody the Consciousness of the Higher Self

  • Tibetan Black Quartz Healing was channeled in 2009 by Hari Winarso. 


    Tibetan Black Quartz is a stone that many connect with a storm element. Due to this connection, Tibetan Black Quartz works to provide rapid expansion of Consciousness combined with an activation of a Grounding Cord. These allies carry the Ancient energies of Tibet within their Etheric Matrix. For those of you who have a strong affinity to Tibet whether it is a fascination of the beauty of this country or past life connections, you will gain a sense of "coming home" when you work with this energy. Tibetan Black Quartz Crystals have a very strong energy that awakens the higher Chakras allowing enhanced communion with the Higher Planes of Existence. Tibetan Black Quartz also works to help one embody the Higher Self and Consciousness into your everyday life. Tibetan Black Quartz makes an excellent Healing Tool, moving even the most stubborn of energy patterns, allowing for full spectrum light to bathe the physical vehicle down to the cellular level. 

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