The Symbology Encoding Empowerment - Etheric Symbols for Healing & Meditation

The Symbology Encoding Empowerment - Etheric Symbols for Healing & Meditation

  • The Symbology Encoding Empowerment was channeled by Jay Burrell in 2020 


    The Symbology Encoding Empowerment is a system that I channeled straight after the release of the Angel LightCode Healing Attunement. The energies began to come through while I was channeling the Angel attunement but I could feel spirit pressing on my mind that this was to be a new system that works alongside Angel LightCode Healing Reiki and Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree Empowerments. Each symbol within this attunement has been designed to work within your Auric Background and Palm Chakras which allow you to utilise their energies via your heart felt intention. These symbols can also be used during a traditional healing session, through intending for them to become active within your auric field and/or drawing them on your Palms before you place your hands on or over your body or the client. The symbols can also be used during Meditations where you visualise the symbol within your inner eye and then allow the energies to flood your aura. At the end of this manual, I will give you a simple meditation technique that you can use to access each of the given symbols. These symbols are also part of a set of channeled sacred symbols that move beyond traditional Reiki or any other healing system by enhancing their abilities to activate the Heart Chakra, Soul and Emotional Connections with the energies of Divine Source. The symbols also work very well when they are combined with the advanced vibrations of Angel LightCode Healing Reiki which was channeled in 2020. They will also work well when you use them with the Reiki Grand Master 21st and 22nd Degrees or the full set of Grand Master attunements which can be accessed by clicking on the following name {link} - Reiki Grand Master 5-22


    The symbols that I am offering you through this attunement will work perfectly when used together or they can be used separately to see what each one will bring to your healing work and spiritual progression. The one thing to remember is that no two people will receive the same message, frequency or result when the symbols are activated. The symbols and this attunement are open ended. What this means is that the symbols will continue to expand the more you use them. Each one will bring to you what you need at that time. You will also receive messages and instructions from your Higher Self and Spirit Guides in how the symbols will work for you. The most important thing is that you should play with the energies and use them in ways which are not mentioned in this manual.

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