The Star of Zapharel - Spiritual Balance, Alignment and Identity Integration

  • The Star of Zapharel was channeled in 2005 by Stephen Lovering


    The Star of Zapharel is a continuation of the channeling work with Seraph Zapharel. Although this Attunement can be received on its own, it is highly recommended that you also receive the Attunements to the Light of Zapharel and Diamond of Zapharel so that you can fully embrace the Purity and Advanced Energies of Zapharel. 


    The Star of Zapharel is is an Etheric Symbol that is Encoded into your Auric Field as well as your 7 Chakras, infusing them with the blessings of Seraph Zapharel's Energies. Through this Spiritual Encoding of the Star of Zapharel, you will set in motion subtle Energetic changes that will work to bring you into a state of BAlance and Alignment of your Spiritual Body. Working well with Relationships on all levels, the Star is also a wonderful addition for those who have Identity or Orientation issues or are recovering from Confusion regarding Sexual Orientation. These issues can be difficult to deal with alone and often the individual who is trying to work out who they are will feel alone with no one to turn to. Receiving the Star of Zapharel can help with Gender/Orientation based Healing by infusing you with a Calming and Relaxing Energy that will assist you in seeing more clearly the issues that are causing you pain at this moment in time. The Star of Zapharel will simply work with you and will assist you in your day to day life in any way that you wish to use the Energies. 

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