The Shadow Self Empowerment - Accept & Embrace your Shadow Self

The Shadow Self Empowerment - Accept & Embrace your Shadow Self

  • The Shadow Self Empowerment was originally channeled in 2011 by Jay Burrell. The manual has recently undergone a revision to incude new information and a new look format to the information that is given. 


    When you accept that your Shadow Self is an integral part of your Personality and is also part of your True divine Self, you will begin a journey of Spiritual Awareness resulting in a much deeper and more meaningul connection with who you truly are. You will realise that the thing that you have kept in the Shadows and hidden from teh Light is actually something that can greatly aid you on your Spiritual and Life's Path. One of the biggest steps that you can take on this day is to choose to live a fully Enlightened life by embracing this aspect of your being. As soon as you are no longer expending energy by working against your Shadow Self or hiding your Dark Side you wil find that you are better able to live in your own Personal Power. Just imagine all the Energy that will be available to you if you only stopped fearing your Shadow Self! When you learn to embrace all aspects of your being you wil find that your life will reflect more Light and Love into all of your surroundings. You will also discover more Accepting and Tolerance of others, since you will also be more Loving towards yourself. As soon as this aspect is Integrated into your Consciosuness and Personality, the old Shadow Self Energy will be Transformed. 

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