The Sexual Empowerments Levels 1&2 Package

The Sexual Empowerments Levels 1&2 Package

  • The Sexual Empowerments were channeled by Roger T. Hill 


    Although this is not the traditional form of distant attunement that I offer through the Academy, I have quite recently been contacted by students who enquired as to whether I offered the Sexual Empowerment Attunements. It is for this reason and after many weeks of meditation that I feel this is a frequency of energy that people are searching for and must be offered to help those who feel called to working with its energies


    Sexual Empowerment Level 1 

    The energy of the Sexual Empowerment has been described as being very firery in that it enters the body through the Base Chakra rather than the Crown Chakra as traditional Usui Reiki does. It still travels to the heart and out of the hands but by passing through the Base Chakra it activates the Kundalini energies creating a more intense and forceful vibrational frequency when used for self healing or the healing of others. Working with this energy one will find that is a very passionate energy and it is now uncommon for the healer and the person being healed to sense a feeling of warmth developing around the lower chakras. Please take note of this, as with all forms of healing, there must be a strict code of ethics which must not be abused or neglected if you use this form of healing on another person. For this reason, it is mainly to be used between couples or very close friends who have a well developed understanding about the barriers within their friendship. 


    Sexual Empowerment Level 2 

    Now we come to the 2nd level within the Sexual Empowerment series. Level 2 continues the work of level 1 by going into more detail about what this system can do and includes the addition of a very powerful symbol. 

    You will learn more about how to use the energies of this system to help deal with clients who have suffered from abuse or any form of sexual problem. The energy of level 2 is much softer and more living than level 1 but never underestimate the power that can be produced when you activate the intention for it to flow through you. 

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