The Orange Carnelian Healing Ray - Mental Clarity & Physical Healing

  • The Orange Carnelian Healing Ray was channeled by Elizabeth Ami and was  later re-written by Jens Soeborg through the International Lightworker Community. 


    The Orange Carnelian Ray consists of the energetic connections with the colour Orange which is a combination of Red and Yellow, therefore combining the Healing Qualities of both Rays. Red is associated with the Base Chakra as well as Physical Healing. Yellow is associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra and Mental Functions. The Orange Carnelian Ray will therefore assist with the Healing of the Physical Body and at the same time, giving a greater understanding of how to keep the body functioning at a Heightened State of Awareness. The Healing associated with the Orange Carnelian Ray will help with Mental Clarity as the Debris begins to move out of the Cellular Structures which in turn will assist with Cell Memory Healing and Past Life Energetic Pattern Re-Alignment. As the Healing progresses over time, Immune Functions improve and Hormonal Levels are stabalised as the Endoctrine system is rebalanced. 

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