The Dragon Breath Empowerment - Increased Self Confidence and Inner Power

The Dragon Breath Empowerment - Increased Self Confidence and Inner Power

  • The Dragon Breath Empowemrent was channeled in 2020 by Jay Burrell. 


    The Dragon Breath Empowerment is a brand new system that has been channeled directly from the realms of the dragons to bring healing, power, strength and transformation of your higher self and sacred soul. The Dragon Breath Empowerment brings to you the energies of the dragons to offer deep clearing, spiritual alignment, increased healing abilities and better manifestation of your intentions. It aims to assist with quickly shifting limiting perceptions, teaching you how to step into your inner power and boosting self confidence in your healing abilities.


    The Dragon Breath Empowerment combines the frequencies that are associated with the benevolent dragons to bring forth a strong, earthy energy that works by getting straight to the core of any misalignment within your energy field or chakra system. These energies are truly amazing to activate and work with when you are trying to understand a specific spiritual lesson within your life, especially when you want to gain further clarity on a situation without using any of the airy fairy fluff or performing intense and long winded spiritual work. These energies are also great for those of you who work with shamanic journeying, deep ancestral meditation or times when you want an excellent all round healing energy to help with all situations. The Dragon Breath Empowerment energies are also flexible and can be used for anything you are working on. They are intelligent which means that they will adapt to your energies. This means that you will be given a spiritual tool that will change and match you perfectly as you grow and move forward on your spiritual and life’s path.

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    * Your Distant Attunements will be sent to you after you have read through the Manual/Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunements will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) or Appointed Time Method. 


    * An Emailed Certificate with Hand Signed Signature and Lineage will be sent to you after you have received your Attunements. Alternatively, you can just receive the Attunement Lineages if no Certificates are required. 


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