The Chalice Well Essence - Self Love, Self Acceptance & Body Confidence

  • The Chalice Well Essence was channeled in 2012 by Ananda Jyothsana. 


    The Chalice Well Essence is a Distant Attunement that resonates with the Energies of Awakening and the Stimulation of Self-Love and the Love of Others. This system teaches one how to give and receive love as well as teaching about the power of Forgiveness. The Energies can be used to assist in the opening of the Heart Chakra, allowing for a deep Emotional Release of Old Energy Patterns. It helps to heal the Soul of all forms of Trauma. The Chalice Well Essence brings those who are feeling insecure about their Life and their Physical Body into a state of Soul and Body Acceptance. It can also be used to amplify other Modalities when blended with the Vibrations of the Chalice Well Essence. 

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