The Ascended Masters Inner Child Healing & Integration Attunement - Mother Mary

  • The Ascended Masters Inner Child Healing & Integration Attunement – Mother Mary was channeled in 2019 by Raine Hilton. 


    The Ascended Masters Inner Child Healing & Integration Attunement – Mother Mary is the 5th Attunement within the all new Healing with the Ascended Masters Series by Raine Hilton. 


    Mary was a Woman of Strength and Character who has continued to Inspire, Comfort, Support and Guide all who call upon her regardless of Faith or Beliefs. She is the Epitome of the Highs and Lows, Celebrations and Tribulations of Motherhood and of the unique relationship between Mother and Child. Being a Mother is one of the most Wonderful, Enlightening and Rewarding blessings that a Woman can expereince. However, for some it can also be Exausting, Frustrating and Traumatic where the unborn Child is unexpected or at times Unwelcome. Some Women even with the best of Intentions are not cut out for Motherhood and Struggle to form a bond with their Child and to care for them, and unfortunately no Child is born with an instruction manual. Even as an adults, no matter our Personal Relationship with our Human Mother and our experiences of Childhood, we can call on Mother Mary to help us to heal our Inner Child of all Pain and Suffering as well as any Traumatic Experiences. She will help us to reintegrate this precious aspect in a Positive and Proactive way so that it will continue to enrich our lives. This will help to return Light, Fun and Joy to our lives, and the ability to see and greet the World once again with the open eyes, mind and heart of a Child, but tempered by the Maturity of our Adult Self. 


    This system will help you to learn more about the following and much more:


    * The Ascended Master Mother Mary. 


    * Mary's Inspirations. 


    * The Inner Child Aspect. 


    * The Signs that your Inner Child is Wounded. 


    * Helping the Sounded Inner Child.


    * Healing with Mother Mary.


    * Unique Channeled Communication from Mother Mary. 


    * Unique Channeled Activation Communication from Mother Mary.


    * How to work with the Energies. 


    * The Rosary. 

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