The Aquarian Water Blessings - Effective Water Blessing for Molecular Alignment

  • The Aquarian Water Blessings distant attunement was channeled in 2013 by Reiki Master Adea K. Love. 


    The Aquarian Water Blessings attunement is extremely simple to use yet it is also a very effective system that can be applied anywhere, at any time using just your intention. The Aquarian Water Blessings in effect, recalibrates the water molecules within your body so that they resonate with a higher vibrational frequency. Due to most substances containing water to some degree you become a water bearer who is granted the ability to not only balance their own internal water structures but also bless and realign any item that contains water.  An example of how to use the Aquarian Water Blessings is is when you bless the water within an object or another person you would simply hold the intention in your heart or in your hands if being performed in person. Hold your dominant hand over the item and state out loud or in your mind that you want to bless this water with Love. It is as simple as that and the blessings can even be given through hugging another person.

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