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The 7 Chakra Roses - Chakra Alignment with Master Kuthumi

The 7 Chakra Roses - Chakra Alignment with Master Kuthumi

  • Prerequisite: Usui Reiki 2nd Degree

    The 7 Chakra Roses was channeled by Marleen Latten 


    The 7 Chakra Roses Attunement was created to give you a simple to use system which works on the 7 main Chakras in the Spiritual Body while also connecting the Chakras to the Colours of the Roses that belong to them. Marleen created this system after she received many Visions about Roses, Chakras and the Ascended Master Kuthumi. Many people have trouble visualising the Chakras but to give them the image of a Rose to replace that of the Chakra has shown many benefits for students who want to work on Healing and Balancing the Chakra system. Roses also have a particular connection to the Spiritual World and the Ascended Masters. Within this system, you will work with the 7 Colours of the Roses which are connected to the 7 main Chakras. The Rainbow Rose is the Rose that you will work with when you need to treat all of the Chakras at one time. Through the development of the 7 Chakra Roses Marleen was given a special Meditation that is used to connect with the Chakra Roses and the Energies of Ascended Master Kuthumi to create a Powerful and Loving Vibration.

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