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Seraph Zapharel Attunement Package - Advanced Angelic Healing

Seraph Zapharel Attunement Package - Advanced Angelic Healing

  • Prerequisite: Reiki Master

    The Seraph Zapharel Package consists of several attunements that were channeled by Stephen Lovering between 2004 and 2009.


    The energies of Zapharel are some of the most advanced that I have ever worked with. Not only is Zapharel a blessing to humanity but the vibrations that are encoded into your Aric Field when you connect with him are life-changing. Within this package, you will receive several attunements that have all been designed to build upon your connection with Zapharel while also assisting you with spiritual practices such as Healing, Ascension & Enlightenment. 


    Below you will find a description of each attunement within this package 


    * The Light of Zapahrel Series 

    Archangel Zapharel is an Angelic Being who is part of realms of the Seraphim. The seraphim are the highest order within the Angelic Realms and represent the ultimate forms of Love, Joy, Happiness and the advancement of Spiritual Awareness. Through these unique connections, you will receive the aspects of Seraph Zapharel. In total there are 5 Invitations within the Light of Zapharel Series which are listed below: 


    The Light of Zapharel Initiation

    This attunement will gently raise your vibrations to a level that is high enough for you to receive the remaining Light Attunements and will also introduce you to Seraph Zapharel.