Reiki Grand Master 5th - 22nd Degree Package - Become a Reiki Grand Master

Reiki Grand Master 5th - 22nd Degree Package - Become a Reiki Grand Master

  • The Reiki Grand Master Degree’s or Secret Degree’s as they are also known are not part of the traditional teaching of Master Mikao Usui but are a joyful continuation of the original Reiki Teachings. Although Master Usui's name is within the initial Degree Lineages this is only due to the inclusion of symbols that Master Usui received but were removed from the Western Teachings of Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho and Usui Teate Reiki. The remainder of the Grand Master Degree’s are designed to give you the spiritual tools that you can use to tap into sacred symbols and mantras which when combined with meditation will bring the true meaning of each symbol to the individual seeking its knowledge and wisdom. 


    Reiki Grand Master 5th & 6th Degree 

    Within your initial introduction to the Reiki Grand Master Degree’s you gain the energetic connection to two sacred symbols called LARGE HARMONY and LARGE DIVIDING. The 5th & 6th degrees belong together like yin and yang and in accepting their vibrational frequencies into your life you will also gain this balance within your life. Visualization methods, Heighten Frequency Technique and information on how to use the symbols of the 5th and 6th degree will be given within the manual provided. 


    Reiki Grand Master 7th & 8th Degrees

    As you progress through the Grand Master Degree’s you will come to a place where you might be receiving an inner knowing that you need to break way from the dependence of certain items and situations. It is through your introduction and spiritual connection to the GREAT FREEDOM symbol that you will find the inner strength and courage to break away from these dependences. At times this disconnection from the things that make us feel comfortable can bring an incredible sense of loss and panic. Is it through the connection to the 8th degree and the GREAT PEACE symbol that you will find the peace that is needed to release all that is no longer needed in your life. 


    Reiki Grand Master 9th Degree 

    Within the Grand Master 9th Degree spiritual connection, you will gain the ability to use the energies of the GREAT HAPPINESS symbol. This energy works very well when combined with the vibrations of the 7th and 8th Degree so it is highly recommended that you work with both if you are planning on using them to help you release those things that you no longer wish to cling onto for a feeling of safety. 


    Reiki Grand Master 10th Degree

    Reiki Grand Master 10th Degree will attune you to a sacred symbol that is used to create a sense of GREAT HOPE within one’s life. As you meditate and work with the energies of this symbol you will be given the ability to bring strength and courage to all situations that you are struggling with. 


    Reiki Grand Master 11th Degree 

    As you continue to work with the Grand Master energies you will continue to move forward on your spiritual and life’s path with a new sense of hope, courage, strength, and freedom but now you might feel that it is time to seek a way to add more energy to your existing healing work and clearing. This is where the 11th Degree symbol comes into its own. This symbol when translated into English means GREAT FORCE. It is a symbol that does just what it says. It helps you to bring a much stronger vibration of energy to your healing work. I have also found that you can overlap this symbol with another energy frequency to give it an extra boost of energies if they are needed. 


    Reiki Grand Master 12th Degree 

    Reiki Grand Master 12th Degree is one of my favorite energies to work with. It is an energy frequency that focuses a lot of its energies onto the heart chakra in order to bring through the frequencies of the GREAT LOVE symbol. This symbol helps you to bring more love into your own life as well as giving you a brighter aura which will shine this love outwards to touch others. 


    Reiki Grand Master 13th Degree

    The Reiki Grand Master 13th Degree has a very interesting energy and is one that I would say is a must have for any spiritual teacher. The name of this symbol when translated into English means GREAT TEACHER. Through your connection with the Great Teacher symbol you will gain the knowledge and the wisdom that is needed to be a true spiritual teacher. 


    Reiki Grand Master 14th Degree 

    Welcome to the 14th Degree within the Grand Master Series. During your work with the previous energies from levels 5-13, you will have gained a deeper knowledge about who you are and how you are here to help others as well as healing your own mind, body, and spirit. It is now time to work on the energies of the I and the SELF for it is only when these aspects of your being are in full alignment can you truly find self peace, self love, self acceptance and the acceptance of others. 


    Reiki Grand Master 15th Degree 

    The 15th Degree within the Grand Master series of attunements connects you to an interesting symbol which when translated into English gives the meaning of MY WAY TO A JOYFUL LIFE. Through this connection, you will gain the ability to attract more luck, satisfaction, and universal love into your life. 


    Reiki Grand Master 16th Degree 

    It is during your 16th Degree initiation you will be introduced to a symbol called Dai Kei which when translated means BIG REVELATION. This is a symbol that many can us when they are wanting to increase their spiritual knowledge of being able to see what will happen and what is to come within one’s life. This is achieved through meditation with the Dai Kei symbol and energies. 


    Reiki Grand Master 17th Degree 

    During your 17th Degree initiation into the Reiki Grand Master Series, you will be spiritually connected to a symbol which means GREAT TEMPLE. It is through this attunement and spiritual connection to the Great Temple symbol that you will gain access to a place of pure universal consciousness.


    Reiki Grand Master 18th Degree

    The 18th Grand Master Degree is a continuation of the 17th Degree. Where during level 17 you were invited into the Great Temple, it is through the 18th Degree and attunement to a symbol that represents INNER BASED MATURITY & SPIRITUAL WISDOM. This symbol will greatly help you with obtaining the sacred spiritual knowledge that is held within the Great Temple of the 17th degree. This information can then be applied to your continued spiritual training. 


    Reiki Grand Master 19th Degree 

    Reiki Grand Master 19th Degree is a continuation of the Higher Grand Master levels where each symbol is encoded into your energy field to aid you on your spiritual path as well as with your daily meditations. The 19th Degree was brought forth by Reiki Master and 18th Degree practitioner Catherine Dunne. The 19th Degree symbol represents GREAT FORGIVENESS. The symbol will bring you back to a Zero State enabling you to clear yourself with the blessings of Forgiveness. The Forgiveness of yourself as well as the forgiveness of others. 


    Reiki Grand Master 20th Degree

    The final Grand Master Degree at this time was brought forth by Catherine Dunne who also channeled the 19th Degree during her Ho’oponopono Meditations. The 20th Degree symbol represents GREAT APPRECIATION & GRATITUDE. While the 19th Degree cleaned the sale through the act of Forgiveness, the 20th Degree will teach you through daily meditation the act of Appreciation and Gratitude. The Appreciation for what you already have and the Gratitude for what you are given. 


    Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree's

    Reiki Grand Master 21st and 22nd Degree's were channeled as I was channeling another attunement called "Angel LightCode Healing Reiki". I meditated to ask the Angels if these new Reiki energies were part of the Angelic system and I felt that they were being given for a new system to continue the Grand Master Degree's so I held back on the Angel channeling and wrote the new Reiki Grand Master 21st & 22nd Degree manual. The Reiki Secret Symbols are not physically new. They are part of a set of sacred symbols that move beyond traditional Reiki by enhancing your practice with a focus on the heart, soul and emotional connection with the celestial hierarchy and galactic consciousness. These two amazing symbols came into my life several months ago and have given me new methods that I can use to channel Reiki to myself and my clients. These two symbols are not taught by many spiritual schools due to them belonging to a secret non traditional teaching from Master Mikao Usui. Besides the traditional symbols that you will have already been attuned to through your existing Reiki training and the symbols within Reiki Grand Master 5-20 I want you to discover how these two new symbols can help you to channel a much higher vibrational frequency as well as reaching new levels of conscious awareness. These two new symbols in English are: The Heal Heart & Soul Symbol and The Connection between Emotions and Communication Symbol.

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    * Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you after you have read through the Manual/Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) or Appointed Time Method. 


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