Quantum Purification Healing - Auric Healing & Stress Reliever

  • Quantum Puriifcation Healing was channeled in 2010 by Hari Winarso 


    Quantum Purification Healing is a system that works to help Clear your Whole Being and the Space around you. In the accompanying manual to this attunement, Hari explains that Quantum Purification Healing is used to Purify and Detox both the Spirit and your Environment. It is about Healing on all levels including your Computers and Workplace to reduce Stress and relieve Negative Forces. It is a very good system to use for Cellular and Nervous System Healing. Quantum Purification Healing is also a good Energy Healer, Protector and Clearer from Infection by Purifying the Blood, Cleansing the Spirit, Eliminating almost any Virus or Bacteria. Quantum Purification Healing is effective for Auric Healing/Clearing and helping you to reach deeper levelf of Conscious Awareness. 

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