Purple Violet Essence - Self Liberation & Self Expression

  • The Purple Violet Essence was channeled in 2009 by Hari Winarso. 


    The Purple Violet Essence has been created as a spiritual tonic that when activated is sweet and vital to the soul. It helps the initiate to be fully present with their truest self, regardless of surroundings, shyness or personal sensitivities. Its tender heart shaped leaves beautifully protect the plant from the suns harsh rays, just as this elixir protects the warmth of the human heart. The Purple Violet Essence is especially attuned to the highly evolved and fragile souls, assisting with self liberation, self expression and individuation, while retaining the refined and tender qualities of their Feminine Beauty. Lastly, the Purple Violet Essence offers you the opportunity to experience true liberation on all levels of your being. 

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