Psychic Messages Reiki - Enhanced Intuition, Intuitive Dreams & Psychic Vision

  • Psychic Messages Reiki was channeled by Daelyn Wolf 


    Psychic Messages Reiki has been created to quickly connect you to your Higher Self and Light Source Energy to help you expand your Psychic Awareness as well as enhance your abilities to receive Psychic Messages.  Working with Psychic Messages Reiki will help to heighten your Intuition, Instincts and Psychic Energies. You may find that you are more aware of Psychic Messages that come through Visions, Dreams, Hearing and other Sensory Methods of Psychic Development. You will also find that your abilities to put together the pieces and understand the message will also be heightened.


    As with all Psychic Attunements, you must remember that this attunement will not instantly make your Psychic. To truly awaken your psychic abilities takes time, patience and hard work. The Attunement will simply help you to begin this process of expanding your abilities. 

  • * Digital Download of your chosen Manual/Manuals. 


    * Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you after you have read through the Manual/Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) or Appointed Time Method. 


    * An Emailed Certificate with Hand Signed Signature and Lineage will be sent to you after you have received your Attunement. Alternatively, you can just receive the Attunement Lineage if no Certificate is required. 


    * Email Support will be given during the duration of your Spiritual Training.