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Prostate Care - A Specialised Attunement just for Men

Prostate Care - A Specialised Attunement just for Men

  • Prerequisite: None

    Prostate Care was channeled in 2011 by Mariah Windsong. 


    Prostate Care is an Energy System which brings the CARE of all REsponsive Eternal Beings to assist in a healthy Prostate Gland. The Prostate is a Glang which is only found in Men and sits just below the Bladder and completely encircles the Urethra. As Men grow older, the Prostate quite often enlarges, putting pressure against the passageway through which Urine flows from the Bladder. This causes uncomfortable Urinary difficulties. Men can also suffer from Prostate Infection which causes painful sensations within the Perinium alongside Urinary complications and if left untreated can cause severe problems to manifest later on in life. The Prostate also provides fluid that nourises and protects the Sperm so it is important to keep your Prostate in optimum Health. From personal use, I can vouch that this attunement can also help to reduce discomfort from Prostate conditions such as Prostate Infection and Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Enlargement of the Prostate). 

  • With your purchase you will receive:

    * Digital Download of your chosen Manual/Manuals.


    * Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you after you have read through the Manual/Manuals and have asked any questions that you may have. This is to ensure that you have understood all of the information that was given to you. Your Distant Attunement will be sent to you via the Call In (Chi Ball) or Appointed Time Method. 


    * An Emailed Certificate with Hand Signed Signature and Lineage will be sent to you after you have received your Attunement. Alternatively, you can just receive the Attunement Lineage if no Certificate is required. 


    * Email Support will be given during the duration of your Spiritual Training. 

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