Power of the Stars - Clear Karma, Thoughts & Emotions

  • Power of the Stars was channeled in 2009 by Sandra Henning. 


    The energies of the Power of the Stars is very subtle in nature and are quite often felt as a whisper of energy. Although some of you will discover that the energies are very gentle and are not felt as strongly as some other modalities that you have been attuned to, others will find that the energies of this attunement are very powerful and will be felt as soon as the eneriges are tapped into. Power of the Stars can and is mainly used for the clearing of the chakras and the spiritual aid with clearing away old Karmic Energy Patterns that no longer serve your highest and greatest good. There is also an added benefit to connecting with the Power of the Stars in that they help to awaken and expand your spiritual knowledge and psychic awarness of the energies around you.

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