Pax - The Goddess of Peace Empowerment - Release Stress, Worry & Tension

  • Pax - The Goddess of Peace Empowerment was channeled in 2019 by Amanda Hadley.


    The Energies of this Empowerment have been designed to infuse your life with Serenity and Harmony to help you to release Worry, Stress and Emotional Tension. Pax is the Goddess of Peace and Prosperity. She is the bringer of Peace and with Peace comes Abundance. When we feel at Peace we stop resisting and allow the flow of Life, of Divine Source Energy to come to us, accepting all as it is and all that it will be. Within this state we are open to accepting more Peace and Abundance into our lives. When you attune to her Energies you can call on the Goddess Pax at any time to help bring Peace and Harmony to yourself, a situation, another person, a relationship etc. When we have Peace in all areas of our lives we are connected to the Divine Energy which vibrates at a very high Vibrational Frequency leading us to a level of Awareness where we are able to see the Beauty, Abundance and Harmony all around us. Ultimately, the Energies of this Empowerment life your Vibration and raise you above the Lower Vibrations of Negativity, Limiting Beliefs, Self Sabotage, allowing you to feel a deep sense of Calmness and Inner Peace. 

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