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Ocean Friends Reiki - Bathe in the Blessings & Energies of Spirit Animals

Ocean Friends Reiki - Bathe in the Blessings & Energies of Spirit Animals

  • Prerequisite: None

    Ocean Friends Reiki was channeled in 2005 by Shanti Johnson and Virginia Carper. 


    Welcome to Ocean Friends Reiki, a system that has been designed to guide you to the waters of Love, Power, Peace and Healing. This healing system works by pulling forth the vibrational energies of Animal Totems, Shamanic Beliefs and the energies of 3 very special beings from the sea. The Manatee, Seahorse and the Sea Turtle. All have a very special healing gift that they want to share with you. Not only do they have amazing healing and nurturing energies but they are also very spirited. Perhaps you will be able to gain more Compassion, Sensitivity and Caring after your Medicine Attunements with the Manatee. Maybe you desire more Balance with your Masculine and Feminine energies in your life. Perhaps you need help to increase your sense of Quietness, Strength and Courage. After you have received the Medicine Attunement with the Seahorse, you will feel yourself aligned and centered with your Soul. Now lets say you would like to Relax and take time out for yourself. Maybe you want healing to relax or just to let your mind be free from the stresses and strains of modern life. After you receive the Medicine Attunement with the Sea Turtle, you will realise that it is time