New Energy Healing - Expression, Connection, Creativity, Infinity Healing

  • New Energy Healing was channeled in 2009 by Hari Winarso. 


    New Energy Healing (NEH) has been channeled to help you take the leap into a new way of being!. After you hav e healed yourself from past hurt and fear that often stems from childhood trauma you can expand and explore who you truly are. New Energy Healing is a Mental and Emotional Healing system with multiple functions that can be used to transmute the negative emotional energies into positive emotional energies. 


    The Energy Patterns Consist of: 


    Triangle Fusion Light

    This Energy Function creates a Fusion from the Diamond Energy Platinum Field. The Dark and Light of duality merge together to form a new incorruptable, brilliant, precious light energy. This Energy Function is about the clarity that is available to us after we have released the old energetic sludge that we all accumilate within our Aura. 



    This Energy Function helps you to adjust to new information and new ways of being. The Energy Function also helps you to be open minded to experiencing new ideas. 



    This Energy Function helps you to adjust to new information and new ways of being. The energy pattern also helps you to be more open minded to the views of others. 



    This Energy Function helps you to say what you really feel. Much of our lives, we are fearful of speaking our minds which in turn can cause an energetic blockage to occur within our Auric Field. Through the Expression Function you will be encourages to speak your mind and to be open to receiving Unconditional Love. 



    This Energy Function helps you to strengthen your connections to increase your Sensitivity to the Energies around you. 



    The Creativity Function will help to stimulate your "New" Creative Energy and learn to create the life your want to live in new ways, without effort and fear. Very useful when you want to embark on a new Project but cant seem to get it together. 



    The Infinity Function teaches you about bringing everything that you have learnt from the Past into your Present Life. It will also help you to accept the Future as something that hasnt yet occured but will still affect your present lifetime. 

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