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New Earth Teacher Package - Help Heal Mother Earth & Personal Ascension

New Earth Teacher Package - Help Heal Mother Earth & Personal Ascension

  • Prerequisite: Reiki Master

    Although I have added a prerequisite of Reiki Mastership for this package, it is available for everyone whatever your Reiki training may be. The prerequisite of Reiki Master is asked due to the complexity and in-depth course notes that this packages comes with. It is a highly advanced system of energy healing, spiritual progression and celestial connections. 



    The New Earth Teachers course is a fantastic way for you to help heal Mother Earth as she makes the shift to the New Earth Energy Vibrations. These new vibrations have been occuring for many years and will continue to slowly filter through to Mother Earth and Humanity for many years to come. In order for the Old Earth to move to a Higher Dimension she needs our help. Angels, Light Beings and Extraterrestrial Beings are here to help in this process but they cannot nor are they allowed to do too much becasue this is not their planet and world. Therefore they have contacted a group of peple on Earth to give them the vibrations of NET. The plan has been to make this material affordable and easy to spread to Transformational Process easier for Mother Earth and the entire Solar System. The knowledge received in the NET course is intedned to be spread around the planet. Once you take a attunements, you may also teach it to others or you can simply use it for your own personal use. Anyone can take or teach the NET classes, regardless of background or beliefs. The course is intended to help people all over the world to have a deeper understanding of Mother Earth and the changes that will come with the New Earth. The