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Mystical Black Cat - From Fear To Freedom, Shield Your Soul

Mystical Black Cat - From Fear To Freedom, Shield Your Soul


This attunement does have a fixed fee but Mr Rishi Rohit Sharma has given me permission to reduce the cost for students of the Academy. 

  • Information

    Founder: Rishi Rohit Sharma

    Year of Channelling: 2023

    Fixed Fee System: Yes

    Nos. Attunements: 1

    Symbols: No

    Prerequisite: None 


    WOW! This is the first word that comes to my mind when I talk about the Mystical Black Cat Healing System. Not only is this a new spiritual protection system but it is an amazing addition to my own Spirit Release Healing Method attunement. In the tapestry of existence, there are realms unseen, energies unfelt, and forces unknown. Within this vast expanse, there exist both light and shadow, love and fear, protection and vulnerability. As we journey through life, we encounter moments of joy and wonder but also face challenges that test our spirits and shake our beliefs. In the face of adversity, humanity has always sought solace in the embrace of something greater. We have delved into ancient wisdom, mystical practices, and the enigmatic depths of the universe in search of answers, protection, and healing. In this spirit of exploration, we introduce you to the "Mystical Black Cat" Energy Healing System. Imagine a guardian, sleek and mysterious, moving silently through the night, its eyes alight with an otherworldly glow. This guardian, Mystical Black Cat, has captivated human imagination for centuries, revered in folklore and mythologies across cultures. Within its essence lies a unique power - a shield against black magic, evil eyes, negative energies, psychic attacks, and harming spirits. It is this power, the essence of Mystical Black Cat Energy Healing System, that you are now invited to embrace. 


    The Protective Essence of "Mystical Black Cat" Energy Healing System


    1. Harnessing the Symbolism - Mystical Black Cat, a creature of mystery and intuition serves as the guardian and guide within this energy healing system. Its symbolism embodies agility, keen perception, and a deep connection with the spiritual realms. Practitioners of the "Mystical Black Cat" system learn to tap into these qualities, allowing the protective essence of the Mystical Black Cat to envelop them.


    2. Strengthening the Aura - Through meditation, visualization, and specific energy techniques, individuals can fortify their aura—the energetic field surrounding the body. Mystical Black Cat's energy serves as a shield, warding off negativity and creating a resilient barrier against harmful influences.


    3. Cultivating Positive Energy - Central to this system is the cultivation of positive energy. By channelling the energy of Mystical Black Cat, practitioners learn to amplify their positivity, creating a powerful counterforce against the darkness that seeks to encroach upon their lives.


    4. Empowering the Individual: The "Mystical Black Cat" Energy Healing System empowers individuals to reclaim their sense of safety and agency. It provides the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of the spiritual realm, fostering a sense of confidence, calm, and inner strength.


  • You Will Receive

    * A link will be sent to you after you have purchased your distant attunement. This link will give you access to your attunement manual which can be saved straight to your computer. 


    * A thank you email will be sent on the day of your attunement purchase. This email will give you a link to my new online booking program where you can select a day and time for your attunement to be sent. {Same-day attunements are not currently available}. 


    * Your distant attunement will be sent using your chosen method of initiation {Chi ball or appointed time}.


    * A PDF certificate with a hand-signed signature and genuine lineage will be sent after you have received your distant attunement { I do not issue certificates at the same time as attunements are given} 


    * I give full spiritual support to all students before, during and after their attunements so if you have any questions or need guidance or support, please do not hesitate to email me and I will help as much as I can

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