Matrix 7 - Attunement In The Morphic Field Of the Mystical Number 7

Matrix 7 - Attunement In The Morphic Field Of the Mystical Number 7

  • Matrix 7 was channeled in 2010 by Daniela & Michael Hills.


    * Why is 7 the most powerful and mystical number in the world? 


    Why does every mystery cult and religion ever formed use the number 7 throughout their teachings, symbolism, and literature? 


    Why is Matrix 7 one of the most powerful Morphic Fields that you can be attuned in? 


    Matrix 7 is the morphic field of the mystical 7 that brings us back to our TRUE SELF.It is the act which brings us to our divine core. For our spiritual journey this is our only goal. It does not matter how we do this, or which path we take to get there. Matrix 7 is everywhere. It is deep within us, above us, below us, and surrounds us. We are not physically conscious of the Matrix because we are too busy with our daily life. We are always thinking of what we will do tomorrow, where we will take our next holiday, and thinking about the past, and about all the good and bad experiences that we have had in this life and perhaps in past lives but Matrix 7 will help to bring you back into the here and now from these Illusions about the past and the future, which our logical minds have created. We will learn the difference between logical mind and the pure awareness, our True Self. Matrix 7 brings us into a state of being where our logical mind becomes quiet, and our Divine Self appears to us. Do not worry if it sounds like you will lose your mind completely, this will definitely not happen. Quite the opposite: your mind will become your friend in the here and now and the connection you will make with Matrix 7, along with a few techniques that are suggested in the manual you will start the process of taking a quantum leap in your spiritual development.

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