Mastering Fear Reiki - Learn to Control Fear and Anxiety

Mastering Fear Reiki - Learn to Control Fear and Anxiety

  • Mastering Fear Reiki was channeled in 2014 by Daelyn Wolf. 


    Mastering Fear Reiki connects you to your Higher Self and Spirit bringing forth the light within to overcome and master your fears. Fear holds you back and keeps you down when you need to be true to yourself. It is this Fear that stops you in your tracks from accomplishing your Goals or seeking HAppiness. Master your Fears and Awaken your Inner Power to overcome all forms of Fear to live a Happy and Abundant Life. Anytime you feel Fear, you are simply immobilised (Energetically). This is not the fear that boosts you to action such as the Fight of Flight response, this is the Fear that Freezes you and your Energies. Everyone talks about the Natural Fight of Flight Instinct but they often forget about a 3rd Fear which is a fear that physically freezes you when you are threatened. To Master Fear, you must first acknowledge it. You must look at it in the Eye, seek out where the Root of the Fear is located and then release it. This is where Mastering Fear Reiki comes into play. 


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