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Magick Reiki Package - Jink & Hex Removal, Spell Clearing & House Blessings

Magick Reiki Package - Jink & Hex Removal, Spell Clearing & House Blessings

  • Prerequisite: None

    The Attunements within the Magick Reiki Package was channelled between 2015 and 2016 by Daelyn Wolf.


    Each Attunements within this Package has been designed as a simple to use system of Energy work which has been designed to help with a range of situations that you might face in life from Banishing Demons, Jinx Removal, House Clearing, Grounding, Protection Etc. They all come with a short and easy to understand manual along with 1 symbol per modality that helps you to activate the Energies as well as teaching you how to use the system through Intention and Visualisation.  Individually each item is priced at £10 or you can receive all attunements for only £80


    The Attunements you will receive as part of this package are:


    Magick Reiki Cleansing 

    Magick Reiki Cleansing works to Clear and Cleanse your Auric Field and Chakras as well as your Sacred Space, Home, Car, Office and much more. Learn how to Align your Auric Field and Chakras along with your Sacred Space, Home, Car, Office and much more. 


    Magick Reiki Confidence 

    Magick Reiki Confidence connects you to your Higher Self and the energies of Spirit to raise your Confidence so that you can become Succesful in everything that you do!.


    Magick Reiki Demon Banish 

    Magick Reiki Demon Banish has been designed to help you to Banish all forms of Negativity including the energies of Spirits from the Lower Realms and the Inner Demons that we all Carry within us such as Ego, Greed, Envy etc. 


    Magick Reiki Evil be Gone 

    Magick Reiki Evil Be Gone is a system that has been created to help you to remove Negativity and Dark Energy from your you which includes those of Evil/Troublesome Spirits. Due to this system working with similar energy to my own Spirit Release Healing Method it would be a good idea to work by combining both energies to give greater results. 


    Magick Reiki Grounding 

    Magick Reiki Grounding works to help you to become more Grounded in your current Reality. This system will also help you when you experience any form of Light Headiness after receiving a distant attunement. Through working with this energy you will also feel more Empowered to Speak your Truth and to stand in your Power. 


    Magick Reiki Hex Breaker 

    Magick Reiki Hex Breaker combines the energy of Reiki and that of Magick to help you to break all forms of Hexes that might have been placed upon you by another person. Hexes can cause many fractures to your Energy Field as well as Personal Life ranging from Financial Loss, Failed Relationships, Loss of Confidence and much more. 


    Magick Reiki House Clearing 

    Magick Reiki House Clearing works to clear all forms of Negative Energy from your Home which can at times include Entity Attachments that are lingering or are attached to your Home, Office, Car, Workplace etc. By working with this energy you will experience a much clearer and fresher energy within your Environment. 


    Magick Reiki Intuition Boost 

    Magick Reiki Intuition Boost has been designed to enhance all forms of Psychic Awareness including your Intuition and Instincts. This system is a great way to gain that extra boost of Power and Energy which is needed to focus your Intuition when you receive messages from Guides and spirits. 


    Magick Reiki Jink Removal 

    Similar to Magick Reiki Hex Removal the Jink Removal system has been designed to remove any form of Jink that might have been placed onto you by someone you know or someone who doesn't have your highest good within their intention. It does not cause any harm to the sender but it will remove the Jink for good. 


    Magick Reiki Protection 

    Magick Reiki Protection has been designed to work with the energies of Magick and Reiki for the sole purpose of Protection your Personal and Spiritual Life. Whenever you go about your daily life there is always a chance that you could pick up Negative Energies from a Subconscious level. Magick Reiki Protection allows you quickly Protect yourself with the Snap of your Fingers and is a very good system to use daily due to its simple to use Activation. 

  • With your purchase you will receive:

    * Digital download of the original manuals. 

    * Distant attunements prepared via the call in (chi ball) method. 


    * Emailed certificate with a hand signed signature and genuine lineage will be sent to you upon request. Alternatively, you can just receive the lineage if no certificate is required. 


    * Full email support will be provided during the duration of your training. 

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