Lord Ashtar Sheran Protection Attunement - Experience Universal Love & Oneness

  • The Lord Ashtar Sheran Protection Attunement was channeled by Gabriela Szafman. 


    Lord Ashtar, also known as Commander Ashtar, is an "Ascended Christic Master" who is believed to be Immortal. He belongs to the race of Human Adam Kadmon or Adamamic and is an Emanation of the Ray, or "Son" of that being known as Lord Sananda and his Divine Counterpart or Twin Flame. He is a representation of that being known as Lord Michael and his Twin Flame, being formed from the merger that combined their Essences and their Light Codes. Lord Ashtar began his journey as the individual that could be designated as a Devic/Angelic strain of Powers/Heralds - Angels, topped in terms of Souls for the Lord Michael and Gabriel respectively. Thus, Lord Ashtar comes originally from what could be designated as the Twelfth Kingdom of the worlds of the Heavenly Throne of the Supreme Lord, the Highest God. He is originally from this Dimensional Universe and came here only to serve in the Mission which he accepted. He is known as a Child of God becasue during his long passage through Time and Space, he never forgot his Spiritual Source and Divine Nature. 

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