Lightarian Clearing Program - Release Adverse Programming & Old Energies

Lightarian Clearing Program - Release Adverse Programming & Old Energies

  • The Lightarian Clearing Program is a series of six guided meditation attunements which have been created by the Lightarian Institute to help accelerate your personal healing by clearing any and all adverse programming and old energy patterns from your past. As these old energy patterns are cleared from your chakras and subtle bodies your connection to your higher self becomes more direct. You will then be able to fully lead a much more connected life to source and then fully create the life you are meant to have.


    Below is a description for each attunement within this life transforming clearing program.


    Lightarian Path Clearing

    Each one of us comes into this incarnation with our own set of stuff that we want to work out. The term I would like to use here is “limiting path construct.” This construct includes all our limiting programming, restrictive belief structures and their adverse mental, physical, and emotional energies. All of these energies create threadlike energies within our lower chakras. This first attunement will work on releasing these energies from your energy fields.


    Lightarian Birth Pattern Removal

    When our fetes leaves the womb and is birthed into the physical world each one of us is already carrying within our energy fields what we refer to as our “Birth Pattern.” These energies come from our physical lineage, genetics, tribal beliefs, mass consciousness emotional and mental patterns, etc. During this attunement these adverse energies are removed in accordance with your higher self.


    Lightarian Template Clearing

    This particular attunement focuses upon releasing deeply entrenched adverse energies that lie within the physical body itself. With your higher self there is clearing out of these energies in your etheric body, or your body double, to then clear your physical body.


    Lightarian Attachment Removal

    Each one of us creates attachments with other people and numerous physical things in our lives. On the etheric level each one of these attachments becomes a thin cord or a thick cable like tentacle. Through the process that occurs from this attunement the energies are removed and cleared from your energy field.


    Lightarian Lineage Clearing

    This attunement will work at a more advanced level than the previous clearing in the Attachment Removal. It will address any subtle distortions or out-of-balance conditions, distortions that can colour our experience here in numerous ways. An example of this might be: I don’t deserve to be loved, or Life is struggle.


    Lightarian Veil Removal

    During this incarnation how we perceive who we are, who others are and our experiences here, we often wear “rose colored” glasses to view. We see life with a veil over our eyes that distort our life for us. With the help of this attunement and our higher self in this level of clearing these veils are removed so that we can see clearly.

  • * Your Lightarian e-Manuals are purchased directly from the Lightarian Institute. This can take up to 7 working days. Please rest assured that I will keep you informed as to the progress of the manual order every step of the way and as soon as I have paid the invoice which is sent to me by the Institute and have received your e-Manuals these will be sent to you straight away. 


    * Your distant attunements will be sent to you at an appointed time and day that is convenient for the etheric connections to take place. If yo would like the atttunements to be sent using the call in method these can be arranged. 


    * Upon completion of your attunements you will receive an emailed certificate with genuine lineage and a hand signed signature. 


    * You will also receive full registration with the Lightarian Institute for every level of your Lightarian Attunements. Upon registration, you will be authorised to purchase your own printed or e-Manuals as well as offer the attunements to others. 


    * Time taken between attunements - 7 Days