Lightarian Ascension Bands - Transformation with Ascended Master Buddha

Lightarian Ascension Bands - Transformation with Ascended Master Buddha

  • Are you aligned and connected with the vibrational energies of Ascended Master Buddha and the Buddhic Energies but are not on a Reiki path. If you are then this new attunement is for you. The Lightarian Ascension Bands have been created to help bring forth a new form of energy transmission that is being given to help reawaken humanity to the sacred levels of the higher vibrational bands of the divine Buddhic energies. These energies are being given to help assist humankind as we enter into a new phase of spiritual existence. The unique and very special gift of these Buddhic energies are being offered to everyone to accelerate their spiritual vibration, awaken higher forms of healing and to prepare you to become a new human species. The emphasis in this unique form from the Lightarian Institute is on simplicity and utilizing the power of clear, focused intentions through one’s own pure and creative thought forms. 


    The Lightarian Institutes channeling and development of the Lightarian Ascension Bands began in 1998 via a direct resonate connection with the highest forms of Buddhic energies. Through this connection the Lightarian Ascension Bands are now being given to expand the level of Buddhic healing energies that are available to humans and to simplify and demystify the process for directing these energies for personal and professional healing as well as in your self-actualization process. 


    Who can receive the Lightarian Ascension Bands?

    The Lightarian Ascension Bands can be received by anyone who feels called to work with them. This program has been designed to be received by those who are on a true path of self actualization and realization. The Bands are passed from Facilitator/Teacher to students via a program consisting of two parts. A questions and answers (Q&A) style of training followed by your distant attunements. As you raise your vibrational energies through the Lightarian Ascension Bands and tap into the higher aspects of the Buddhic energy spectrum, you will naturally become a clearer and better vessel for your higher self to anchor itself more fully into your day to day life. 


    Lightarian Ascension Band Level 1

    The first spiritual connection to the Ascension Band level 1 will help create the discerning opening to the first band of Buddhic energies. You could call this attunement your introduction to the Buddhic energies. 


    Lightarian Ascension Band Level 2

    The second level within the Ascension Band system will help you to increase internal, external and celestial communications with your guides, masters, archangels, higher self and the godhead energies. Your spiritual senses will also become hyperaware to a degree where Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience may develop or be expanded to a new level of awareness. 


    Lightarian Ascension Band Level 3 

    During your third Ascension Band attunement you will begin a deep spiritual process of Ascension and Descension. What is Ascension & Descension? Ascension is a process of deep inner clearing, releasing and transforming the density of your physical body so your spiritual self can descend into your physical awareness. As you Ascend you go through a process of surrendering and subjugating your ego to make room for your spiritual body to descend. Your higher chakras are activated as well as your lower chakras whole integration occurs, creating a restructuring of your 7 major chakras into one unified Heart Chakra. Since the process of Ascension / Descension is cyclical, we ascend in order to descend in order to ascend in order to descend even further. This is Self Actualization. 


    Lightarian Ascension Band Level 4

    Through your attunement to the 4th Ascension Band you will gain a very strong energetic connection to the energies of Gaia (Mother Earth). Gaia is invited into the Buddhic space to give you assistance in creating an expanded, highly supportive healing platform for your spiritual work. You will continue to open more fully to the higher inner wisdom of Master Buddha and Mother Earth while also expanding yourself awareness to discover a great sense of spiritual grace in your everyday life. 


    Lightarian Ascension Band Level 5

    The fifth Ascension Band has been designed to help you move yourself into the higher bands of Buddhic energies and vibrational awareness while continuing to anchor a direct attunement based relationship between you and the Godhead energies. 


    Lightarian Ascension Band Level 6

    During your final attunement to the Ascension Bands you will receive an attunement to the vibrational energies of the Buddhic Bands as Ascended Master Sananda introduces a divine healing chamber of light which will be erected around you to be used as an integrated tool for Ascension/Descension Process. 

    Lightarian Ascension Band Bridge 

    The Lightarian Ascension Bridge consists of 1 distant attunement that energetically attunes you to all 6 levels of the Lightarian Ascension Bands. This is a highly advanced exchange of energies that is only being given to teachers who have already been attuned and registered as a Lightarian Reiki 5&6 facilitator. For this reason I will need to see a copy of your Lightarian Reiki certification and lineage to confirm that you have been fully registered with the Lightarian Institute. The Lightarian Band Bridge Attunement is not a transfer of energy to bridge the gap between the Ascension Bands and Lightarian Reiki. 

  • * Your Lightarian e-Manuals are purchased directly from the Lightarian Institute. This can take up to 7 working days. Please rest assured that I will keep you informed as to the progress of the manual order every step of the way and as soon as I have paid the invoice which is sent to me by the Institute and have received your e-Manuals these will be sent to you straight away. 


    * Your distant attunements will be sent to you at an appointed time and day that is convenient for the etheric connections to take place. If yo would like the atttunements to be sent using the call in method these can be arranged. 


    * Upon completion of your attunements you will receive an emailed certificate with genuine lineage and a hand signed signature. 


    * You will also receive full registration with the Lightarian Institute for every level of your Lightarian Attunements. Upon registration, you will be authorised to purchase your own printed or e-Manuals as well as offer the attunements to others. 


    * Time taken between attunements - 21 Days