Lemurian Crystal Band of Light - Experience Pure Love, Harmony, Unity and Peace

  • The Lemurian Crystal Band of Light was channeled in 2011 by Ofira Levi. 


    The Lemurian Crystal Band of Light is an Electromagnetic Force Field that consists of pure crystalline energy that surrounds the planet earth. This band of light emanates a very high frequency of energy that holds the power of love and creation. The band of light holds within it the purest and holiest vibrations of unconditional love, harmony, unity and peace that I have ever come across within a healing system. From the founders own words she describes how the councils of light allowed the lemurians to create a crystal band of light that was placed around the planet to assist in the development and ascension of Gaia and all of humanity. The intention of this creation was to help raise the vibrations of humanity to a higher and more developed dimension of light and personal consciousness which will help to create the golden age of our blessed mother earth. Humanity does not have to remember how to activate the Lemurian Crystal Band of Light to connect with its energies because you will gain a soul recognition alignment to its energies.

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