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Intention Amplifier Empowerment - Manifest Intentions & Strengthen Desires

Intention Amplifier Empowerment - Manifest Intentions & Strengthen Desires

  • Prerequisite: None

    Intention Amplifier Empowerment was channeled in 2018 by Amanda Hadley. 


    The Intention Amplifier Empowerment is a wonderful energy that has been channeled to help you Manifest your Desires as well as Strengthen your Intentions. The Intention Amplifier Empowerment can help you in 2 ways. Firstly, the Empowerment works to help you for Strong Intentions that are worded without Ambiguity and Focus solely on your Desires. Secondly, the energies of the Empowerment can then work to amplify the power of your Intention, charging it with Positive Source Energy so that it Vibrates at a Powerful Frequency of Manifestation. This system has many uses for Manifesting and can be used as part of daily ritual simply by activating the energies each day and then stating your Intentions for the day. The energies can also be used for a particular project, you can focus on changing something in your life like your Job, Mindset etc. This Empowerment is very beneficial to Energy Workers to help Amplify their Intentions when sending Energy, either for Healing Purposes or to attune others to a particular Energy System. It can help create stronger intentions with greater resonance. 


    Intention Amplifier Empowerment works verywell when combined with the energies of Affirmation Reiki Empowerment which can be found by